Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dr. Anthony Choy on the Peruvian "Mothership"

Mexican UFO researcher Yohanan Díaz has posted a video to YouTube featuring an interview with Peruvian UFO researcher Dr. Anthony Choy regarding the fascinating circumstances that led to the misidentification of the strange Peruvian light recorded from Barrios Altos, Lima. We have taken the liberty to transcribe the following from the recording, which can be seen at:

Says Dr. Anthony Choy: "The images were very, very compelling, and you've surely had a chance to see them. What we did was to be a little bit more cautious, due to the experience of having been in the field for some years now, and what we did was to visit the site of the events, and the Julia Gutierrez family. Julia Gutierrez was the one who recorded[the event] as I was telling you, from the center of Lima in Barrios Altos. She recorded the event from a third storey rooftop using a domestic camcorder, pointing at empty space. The object would have been some 20 degrees over the horizon.

"The very first thing we asked the lady was the direction in which she had recorded the UFO. We understood that something had been recorded -- an airplane, a helicopter -- and we consulted with CORPAC, the agency that regulates all commercial air traffic, and they told us that they had not picked up any traffic whatsoever. The air traffic control tower hadn't picked up anything either with in 8 miles, not even on radar. As part of the investigation, we made inquiries from the Direccion General de Aviacion Civil, in charge of regulating permits for balloons, aerostats, zeppelins for sporting and promotional purposes. They said no, that no permits of the sort had been issued. So as you can imagine, we were running out of hypotheses. We weren't willing to go straight for an ET hypothesis, so we went to the place where the events occurred during the day, which no one had done before. We took photos and asked Mrs. Julia Gutierrez [...] who told us: "Look sir, we recorded it straight ahead, looking forward, from the rooftop (the third floor) of my apartment." We took more photos [...] in an eastward direction. Later, once we were back in the office, we began to examine the photos, and true enough, there was nothing at all toward the east, thus corroborating the possibility that it was indeed a UFO. However, by analyzing the photo -- lightening and darkening it -- or "Photoshopping it", as we say, we came across a very revealing detail.

"We saw that not toward the east, but toward the northeast, there were some hills. Something may turn up here, we said. We superimposed a vidcap over the photograph, and we suddenly realized that where the UFO had been recorded, there were some hills, some low-lying mountains. We then posted to our own Facebook site the possibility that it could be a structure -- a civilian one upon which lights may have been placed. We understood that it could be a stadium, a social club, but that's where the question emerged: who in their right mind would build such a thing on top of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere? Where would they get the electricity, and to what end? Furthermore, if it was a structure that needed power, why would it be turned on for only minutes at a time? 30 minutes, 50 minutes, etcetera. So we resorted to our maps of Lima, the capital city, and to the northeast we found some hills -- Cerros de Campoy - and impoverished area. So without further delay, we took our team to the area, a somewhat dangerous suburb, a favela if you will, but we took our chances and discovered that there was a structure on a hilltop.

"When we got closer, we located an Evangelical church at the foot of the mountain. We knocked on the door and some people opened up. They belonged to the Montaña de la Santidad Divina church, and we asked them if something ahd been built on the hilltop. And they said yes: a 33 meter long Evangelical church with 24 high-powered floodlights. I asked them if they'd built it to look like a hotel and they said no, it's meant to look like Noah's Ark.

"Then all that was left to do was a contrast test, which we did yesterday around 7 pm [...] placing ourselves at a distance of 8 kilometers, directly from Barrios Altos, where the UFO was recorded. We called [the Evangelical church] by cell phone and asked Siervo de Dios -- that's what the church leader called himself - if he could please turn on the lights, and they started turning on the shrine's lights. So before our very eyes, and the lenses of our cameras, a distant UFO emerged. We then asked them to please turn off the lights, and the UFO then vanished."