Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peru: The Mothership That Wasn't?

Source: Nuestro Peru
Date: 01.20.11

Peru: The Mothership That Wasn't?

The spectacular image of an elongated, brilliant object in the night sky, videotaped by residents of Barrio Alto in Lima, the Peruvian capital, was not a UFO "mothership" according to some.

A report on Radio Capital, and an entry the Nuestro Peru website, state that the women who excitedly shared their find with the rest of the world were in fact videotaping a structure on a distant hill: a "Noah's Ark"-shaped place of worship being built by an Evangelical congregation.

According to Nuestro Peru: "The object was recorded for half an hour on one day and for 50 minutes the next, but is only the lights of the construction site."

The structure is 33 meters long, state sources.

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