Monday, January 24, 2011

Puerto Rico: UFOs over Cabo Rojo and Lajas

A report from contributing editor José A. Martinez (Enfoque X)

Several Objects seen in the Skies of Cabo Rojo and Lajas
By José A. Martínez

Several of us got together in the vicinity of La Parguera in Lajas, Puerto Rico, on the island's tourist southern shore and one of the most important locations for sightings of objects emerging from the sea. But on that night we moved from this point to another and headed toward Laguna Cartagena, a location known for many manifestations of objects of this time. We spent the night there, but the first sighting occurred at 7:40 pm. The witnesses included this author, Luiseppi Quinones and Mrs. Wanda I. Velez. Before the sighting took place, I saw a flash that reflected itself on passing cars. I tried to ascertain its origin and found that it could have originated at the nearby cell phone towers, and the flash of its lights was strong enough to reach the cars.

But it wasn't the antenna. It was something far more powerful in the sky that was emitting those flashes. When we located the source of light, the source stopped issuing flashes. That's when I turned on my camcorder and tried to scan the quadrant where the flash came from. But the object dimmed and we all entertained the possibility that it could have been hiding in the sky, with its lights darkened.

I made the mistake of turning off the camcorder: within seconds, the object lit up again, and flew toward Salinas de Cabo Rojo at breathtaking speed, leaving an incandescent wake that dissipated in a few seconds. A curious note: when it appeared for the last time, lighting up and flying off toward Salinas, the dogs from nearby residences began howling. I don't know if it was due to the object suddenly lighting up and flying off, but the dogs were affected by some sound inaudible to humans, and it probably disturbed the animals' hearing. The dogs subsequently calmed down and stopped howling.

A second sighting involving another object occured 45 minutes later, as it headed toward Salinas de Cabo Rojo, as if emerging from the sea. It rose and I was able to capture it on video. The object crossed the skies of Cabo Rojo and reached Lajas, continuing its flight to Monte del Estado (Maricao State Forest) where the TV, radio and police repeaters are located.