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Mexico: Sixty UFOs Over Tula During Equinox

Date: 03.24.11

Mexico: Sixty UFOs Over Tula During Equinox

News Item from the Plaza Juarez newspaper
21 March 2011
By Verónica Monroy

Sixty UFOs Appeared as Witnesses Drew Energy

Tula de Allende, Hidalgo – Unidentified flying objects formed shapes in the sky and disappeared later, having been visible from Cerro El Magoni yesterday before noon, as thousands of visitors who were “drawing energy” from the archaeological area.

Some of the visitors at summit of Pyramid B, where the “Atlante” statues are located, noted that they held their hands aloft, looking skyward to draw down energy, when they found themselves concentrating – as they turned toward Cerro El Magoni -- on a series of unidentified flying objects that spun rapidly in a single direction.

They noted that they could not exactly specify the number of the objects, but that they could be over 50 or 60, and that the phenomenon occurred five minutes before noon, as the sun beat down upon them.

Witnesses remarked that the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) employees, located at various points of the site, advised each other via walkie-talkie of the shapes being seen, urging those with cameras to record the image. But inexplicably, some cameras and cellphones were jammed. [The witnesses] stressed that the objects rose in seconds to form a sort of square shape, followed by a triangle and another square, before immediately heading south, forming a letter “S” and then vanishing altogether.

Following the sighting, visitors concentrated at various points of the archaeological site, such as Pyramid A and B, as well as the dancers, testified to the event as “a gift from the Spring Equinox.”

Regarding the phenomenon, INAH staff stated that they had indeed witnessed the sighting over the center of Cerro El Magoni, but that there exists no precedent, in their opinion. The study of phenomena of this sort must not be dismissed out of hand and must undoubtedly be taken into consideration by researchers, so that they will pay more attention to the sky. A similar event was reported last year, and must therefore be taken seriously.

It should be noted that out of 25,000 visitors to the Archaeological Zone during the three-day holiday period, hoping to charge themselves with energy, around 2,500 were present at the time that the UFOs appeared. Most of them said they were impressed by the phenomenon they saw in the sky.

Regarding the visitors’ behavior, archaeologist Luis Manuel Gamboa said is was good, which allowed all activities performed inside the Tula Archaeological Zone to be carried out with success.

A UFO in Guamúchil, Sinaloa (Mexico)
News item from the newspaper
21 March 2011
By Javier Carvajal

UFOs Over Guamúchil

All sorts have taken place in Guamúchil, but nothing like what happened yesterday morning and which shall be remembered as the day that UFOs turned up.

Many local residents allegedly witnessed the strange phenomenon of the lights that illuminated the night sky.

Francisco Javier Martínez was among them. He claims that upon leaving his house around 12:30 a.m., waiting up for one of his sons who’d gone off to a party, he was surprised to see spheres of light when he glanced up at the sky.

“I was home, waiting for my son to return from a party. It was around 12 midnight when I heard a noise, and went out the door to the back yard. When I looked at the sky, I saw a very large round light, like a saucer, surrounded by many smaller lights,” he said. Martínez, a municipal security agent, explained that the lesser lights were orange and the large one was white. They were all hanging in the air.

“They stayed there for a bit, and suddenly the lights began to fly off quickly, with the larger one moving away more slowly until it disappeared,” he noted.

“I believe they were extraterrestrials in spaceships. What else could they be? They weren’t normal airplanes or helicopters. They were lights of very strange color that vanished in an instant.”

Someone else who will never forget this day is a local mechanic who refused to give his name, fearful of being laughed at.

At around 21:30 hours, this person left his home in the Las Torres subdivision on his way to Los Achires, where he would meet a friend to discuss business matters. “On the return trip, at around 12:20, I was driving along when upon leaving the subdivision, on a section of dirt road with a curve, I saw a bunch of lights in the sky. One of them larger, surrounded by the rest.”

The mechanic noted that there were around 21 lights suspended in mid-air. They later dispersed at high speed.

To many, UFOs are mere fantasy. But those who saw them will always remember the day they appeared in Guamúchil.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)