Sunday, April 17, 2011

Argentina: UFO Landing Marks in Santa Rosa

Date: 11 April 2011

Argentina: UFO Landing Marks in Santa Rosa
By Quique Mario – CEUFO

A UFO remained stationary for nearly half an hour over a farm located 10 kilometers north of the city of Santa Rosa on Saturday, 9 April 2011 around 23:11.

Yesterday, the CEUFO field team visited the site to survey the terrain, collect vegetable matter samples and soil for analytical purposes as a result of the strange phenomenon produced on the terrain over which the UFO was suspended an estimated 1 meter over the surface. All this according to the only eyewitness to the episode.

The event occurred at the Villaverde Tourist Ranch ( and Alberto, the person in charge of the site, was the sole witness, alerted by the barking and desperate howls of his dogs. He went out to investigate the source of the animals’ restlessness. He then noticed that a strange object, measuring approximately 50 meters in diameter, was hanging in mid-air some 300 meters from the main residence, issuing a powerful read beam that kept him from looking at it “without first slipping on a pair of sunglasses.”

After the survey was completed, it was possible to see that the area’s natural vegetation, consisting of pasto puna (Puna Grass) was selectively dehydrated and grayish in color, easily breakable from the rest of the vegetation. Another curious detail observed at the site was that the soil was dark in appearance, as though wet from rainfall, but its ease of removal proved it to be dry underneath. All samples were submitted for analysis.

The night was calm, windless and with starry skies. However, the witness claims having heard a sound similar to the wind among the trees while the strange object was present. The noise ended when the UFO disappeared. The animals’ nervous behavior endured up to three days after the incident.

The powerful beam of light temporarily affected the witness’s eyesight. His eyes were reddened until Tuesday, when symptoms disappeared. However, CEUFO is alert to any abnormality that the witness might display, in order to summon professionals should their services be required.

According to initial estimates, and according to the area surveyed by the researchers, it can be said that the object was considerable in size, since its dimensions were originally estimated at 50 meters in diameter.

Nor was it an isolated incident.

That same night, a group of residents from a new development located east of the city was alerted by a seven-year-old child at 2 a.m. Sunday about the presence of “a very strange star”. Witnesses defined the object as a large oval object, very bright, giving off an array of lights. After watching it for several minutes, the object “jumped upward” and lost itself in space at dizzying speed.