Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Argentina: Salta's Most Recorded Phenomenon

Source: Diario El Tribuno – Argentina (newspaper)
Date: 29 May 2011

Argentina: Salta's Most Recorded Phenomenon
By Daniel Sagárnaga – newsroom

A luminous phenomenon occurred in the afternoon hours of the city of Salta last Sunday. During the afternoon, a cloud covered the sun, radiating an iridescent light that made the skies beautiful. This is not the first time that the clouds have granted us such brushstrokes, so it did not go beyond a few minor remarks. There were those, however, who wanted to retain the loveliness of the skies and reached for their photo cameras. It seems that many were startled that same day when they checked their photos, as they displayed figures that could not be seen by the unaided eye.

In fact, there was an unidentified flying object, a UFO – or several, according to some – touring the enormous clouds, or as some researchers have said, concealing itself behind them. It isn’t at all strange to find stories of clouds and unidentified clouds within the literature of “ufology”, where they are mentioned constantly. This even goes back to ancient legend, where gods often visited Earth enveloped in great clouds. Many references to this fact can be found in Christian iconography, where divine apparitions were heralded by massive clouds. Even the word “Yahweh”, according to Peter Couliano, means “Dweller in the Clouds”. Also memorable within this iconography are the images created by Steven Spielberg for his classic film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

The Salta events are exceptional within the history of local ufology, as never before have there been so many witnesses.

Several witnesses contacted El Tribuno this week. All of them had something to display about the strange phenomenon that occurred last Sunday. Among the ones received by our newsroom, the first was taken by Paula Martínez Sanin, 38, who photographed the clouds at 16:40 hours from her home in Country El Tipal, for a total of eight shots. The next were taken by Rodolfo Arias at 17:10 from the Yapeyú Wilderness near the Arts and Crafts Market, using an amateur Sony camera. He took 18 shots.

Around that same time, Carlos Alberto Sánchez also took several photos from his home at 1600 Necochea. Access to image technology allows for phenomena such as what was seen over Salta last Sunday to be studied, discussed and confirmed, or not. In this case, we are faced with the most recorded sighting in Salta’s UFO history, which is interesting within the framework of the “UFO flap” the country is currently experiencing