Monday, May 23, 2011

Argentina: Sightings in the Delta Go Back 20 Years

Date: May 23, 2011

Argentina: Sightings in the Delta Go Back 20 Years

A man fishing with friends in a region of the Paraná Delta, between Escobar and Campana, underwent a strange experience when he saw a circular “light” that remained suspended over the trees and then “flew up at a tremendous speed until it became just another dot of light, the size of a star.” This is what Eduardo Ernesto Verón Valussi told AIM. He has been a watcher of the Argentinean skies and has seen UFOs in more than one occasion.

The startled fisherman had never lived through such an experience before and tool a while to make the event known to his companions, as he was very concerned about what they’d think of him. Finally, he plucked up the courage and told his story in detail. In a conversation with this news agency, Verón Valussi recalled that Carlos Escudero and a small group of friends “were on shore, fishing in the serene and beautiful left bank of the Paraná River, in some point of the Paraná Delta, between Escobar and Campana. They would have never imagined the strange, new experience they were about to be involved with.”

Late in the night, Escudero’s companions went to sleep in their respective tents, and he stood watch, taking care of the fishing lines, grasping his treasured thermos of coffee. “In the early morning hours, and in pitch darkness, Carlos noticed a small light in the distance. It made its way toward him along the river. In the measure that it advanced, the light grew in intensity and size to the point that Carlos suspected it was a boat from the Naval Prefecture engaged in its routine river watch. He couldn’t hear any noises, and could not see the boat. He couldn’t imagine anything else and was convinced that it could not be anything else.”

Verón Valussi, an observer of Argentina’s skies who has seen UFOs more than once, stressed that “the light kept coming closer and becoming larger. But it suddenly turned around and headed for the left bank, going deeper into one of the island channels or river branches, vanishing from Carlos’s sight due to the dense vegetation. After a while, was startled to hear a loud, sharp buzzing sound coming from where the light had vanished. The enormous “light” appeared over the trees, and Carlos, bemused by what he was seeing, didn’t know what to think. He was so stunned that he wasn’t even able to alert his friends...”

Thus, the circular “light” remained static over the trees for a while and then suddenly rose into the sky at high speed, becoming just another luminous dot the size of a star. The flabbergasted fisherman had never undergone such a situation and took a while to inform his fellows about it. He was worried that they would think less of him, but arming himself with courage, he told his story in full detail.

Verón Valussi told AIM that the events had taken place some 20 years ago. He was asked: What was this UFO doing? Was it studying something, or seeking something? Was it fishing or taking up water? Or doing all these things at once?

To the observer, the possible crew of that strange light “must be very sure of what its doing, because they aren’t very concerned about being seen, and furthermore, they don’t tell anyone what they’re doing or looking for in our rivers, at least that’s what I think.”

He also pondered: “Will the UFO mystery ever be solved? We’ve been waiting for a long time. We want and deserve an answer on this mysterious subject. Perhaps there isn’t much longer to wait: this is only a suspicion I have, nothing more.”

In rural areas, stories involving the presence of lights or glows in the sky, and do not correspond with conventional elements such as airliners or satellites, already form part of the quotidian folklore of different parts of the province. On 6 February 2011, AIM published a report by two persons who experienced an event in the Ibicuy Region. “We were heading back to Mazaruca, in Ibicuy, when two lights emerged from the ground and flew upward at astonishing speed,” said Carlos B. to AIM. He witnessed the phenomenon along with his uncle Juan Bautista D., adding that both of them were “stunned”.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)