Monday, May 16, 2011

Argentina: UFOs over Santiago – Surprising Close Encounter Narratives

Source: El Liberal (newspaper)
Date: 05.15.11

Argentina: UFOs over Santiago – Surprising Close Encounter Narratives

Questions about the existence of beings from other planets, periodically visiting our world, are nothing new. Since antiquity, philosophers and researchers were already associating the great monuments of mankind, such as the Pyramids of Cheops and the Inca structures, with activity involving aliens and unidentified flying objects (UFOs)

In Santiago del Estero, few were willing to take this theory seriously – the one that states that galactic beings and strange craft visit certain parts of the Earth to “feed on cosmic energy”, as they consider that most sightings are “incorrect perceptions” by people and that aircraft or other natural phenomena are involved. For this reason, such stories almost generate disbelief – or scorn – on the part of those hearing them.

But many people who did not believe in the existence of such phenomena were surprised one day when unidentified flying objects suddenly appeared before their eyes, changing their way of thinking, and even prompting them to tell El Liberal about their experiences.

To Jorge Raul Rojas and Enrique José Zuccarino, two residents of Santiago engaged in UFO research, “unidentified flying objects will be seen more and more”, adding that sightings will increase in the next 20 months “in the measure that December 2012 approaches, a month considered as the end of our current times.”

They posit that UFO sightings will become increasingly frequent “because in this alternative time, we are approaching the real time of the Universe, which will come about on 21 December of next year.”

Regarding the reason why UFOs are being regularly seen over the province, Rojas stressed that “Santiago has two or three energy regions that are of [interest to the phenomenon],” mentioning Las Termas in Rio Hondo and Ojo de Agua, as well as the Choya Region.

With regard to Ojo de Agua, he said that the mountain range surrounding the district “has a vortex of special energy that is of interest to these object, who possibly absorb it as they transit through the universe. An energy similar to what is released from Cerro Uritorco, in Cordoba.

Rojas stressed the existence of places known as vortexes, linked to a special energy whose production has been allowed by nature, and is chosen by interdimensional visitors.”

Zuccarino, in turn, says: “It’s curious that extraterrestrial craft should station themselves at the front dam of Las Termas de Rio Hondo, as occurred a few days ago, and this is due to the fact that they capture energy from water to power their craft.”

Moreover, they stressed that Santiago del Estero “has always been a UFO hotspot, since they made their first manifestations in the area known as La Higuera, in Choya, and sightings have been nearly constant since then. It is said that they appear in that area because there is Uranium, according to information compiled by the Provincial Mining Office.”

In the capital city, Lake Las Termas in Loreto, Sumampa, Ojo de Agua and several routes and towns in Santiago, numerous people claim having seen and having photographed “strange craft” in the sky. These are unforgettable experiences that changed their lives.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)