Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mexico's Infrared UFOs

Mexico’s Infrared UFOs
By Ana Luisa Cid

Salim Daniel Sigales lives in Mexico City’s Gustavo A. Madero District. He has a degree in Computer Science and works at Benito Juarez International Airport (MCIA). He is interested in the UFO pheomenon and has devoted many hours to skywatch, securing some very interesting evidence.

Having developed a problem with his knee three months ago, he was placed on medical leave and forced to remain home. From his place of residence, and with great patience, he began recording passing aircraft, only to learn that the air corridors are frequented by unknown objects. Salim also employs an infrarred lens, of which he says: “It has served me well. I’m able to detect things that cannot be picked up by the unaided eye. When I recorded the video that shows the moon, there was apparently nothing strange in the sky, but my camera’s screen did show a rather large sphere.

One night in 2006 he saw a UFO very close to him, some 5 meters away, making a peculiar sound. He claims that he was so shocked that he was unable to record it. “I tried to analyze its navigation system. It wasn’t very big. I suppose it was some sort of monitoring device. It emitted beams from its lower section,” Salim emphasized.