Thursday, September 29, 2011

Argentina: Probing a Possible "UFO Origin" for the Monte Grande Explosion

Source: INFOBAE and Marcelo Metayer
Date: 29 September 2011

Argentina: Probing a Possible "UFO Origin" for the Monte Grande Explosion?

Manifestations of unidentified flying objects have been investigated in Argentina since 1947, and many characteristics similar to the ones studied in the past suggest that we are now facing a similar case, as the cause of the Monte Grande disaster has still not been determined.

Luis Burgos, who specializes in the UFO phenomenon, told Radio 10 that while it is impossible to offer clarification on this point due to the absence of more information, it is logical to think - from his perspective - that we are faced with one such case because the object that fell from the sky, and its various shades of light, was unknown at first hand. His research is based on the testimony of some thirty eyewitnesses.

"We spoke with more than 30 witnesses and they all agree that a pear-shaped object, small in size, descended along a 30-degree plane: it didn't fall - it descended."

At first, says Burgos, the investigation followed four hypotheses: space junk, a meteorite, a lost missile and finally, a UFO.

"We discarded the possibility of a missile due to the lack of a hole or crater. For that reason we adopted the UFO hypothesis," stated the specialist, adding: "The pear-shaped object fell with a bluish hue, the changed to red and back to blue when it struck the telephone wire that it severed, rather than melted."

According to Burgos, eyewitnesses relate that the unidentified object "braked before falling" and given its similarity with other events that have occurred since 1947, "there is physical evidence, such as pebbles" that is undergoing analysis.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Marcelo Metayer)