Friday, September 30, 2011

Argentina: “We Saw Something Weird Descending from the Sky”

Source: and Daniel Valverdi
Date: 30 September 2011

Argentina: “We Saw Something Weird Descending from the Sky”

At siesta time on Saturday there was a blackout in the San Vicente district of the Department of Famatina. According to some residents, they saw “something like a round, shiny object descending from the sky, striking a light post and causing a large explosion.” All that remained on the ground were “tiny pieces of particles, like something burnt (shrapnel).”

According to one San Vicente resident, a thundering sound was heard on Saturday during siesta time around the mountains, and something like a fireball became visible. It was a bright sky blue color and hit a light post, creating a shower of stars upon breaking up. This resulted in a large explosion that left the entire district without light.

Another woman said that there were bits of particles on the ground, resembling shrapnel. She also noted that there is a garden at the back of her home where she has many plants, including bamboo, and those toppled to the ground. There was nothing to be seen, except splinters resembling charcoal, and an ugly odor like burning sulfur.

Still another resident explained that something caused the light post to spark and made the lights went out. It was something weird, as it also frightened the animals and caused dogs to bark.

A phone call was subsequently made to the EDELAR power company for the corresponding repairs. Upon reaching the site, repairmen sad that something had struck the cables, and that the source of the event could have been something that fell from an airplane.