Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mexico: “Stunned and Surprised” – UFO over Dzilam de Bravo

Mexico: “Stunned and Surprised” – UFO over Dzilam de Bravo
By Darvin Canché

Source: Diario Por Esto! (Yucatan)
Date: 17 February 2012

DZILAM DE BRAVO, Yucatán, 17 Feb – Residents of this port city were stunned and surprised yesterday morning after having seen and photographed – accidentally – an unidentified flying object (UFO) that flew over the skies of said community.

According to the information received, it was around 10:30 yesterday morning when residents of the port and the costal sector were astonished to see the presence of a UFO moving from west to east.

The object, which was originally black in color in a sequence of photos, acquired an intense glow similar to the light of an airliner. It was seen flying at low altitude, but what was strange is that it did not make any motor sounds. It flew with the wind and its light was bright. No one was able to explain what really flew over the port city yesterday morning.

This media outlet received visuals from local residents who managed to photograph the moment -- near the military base located on the Dzilam de Bravo – Santa Clara road – when the UFO supposedly came down or plunged into the waters of this municipality, leaving streaks of bright light and smoke in the air, similar to those of a jet aircraft. What was strange is that object was at low altitude.

Several persons left their homes to witness the phenomenon as it progressed eastward, causing it to be the subject of conversation throughout Dzilam de Bravo. In fact, several persons reported to the bright light was first spotted, but were unable to see anything at all.

POR ESTO! requested information from the corresponding authorities to see if any calls had been received, but these reported not having received any information whatsoever, although the unidentified flying object was seen by dozens of persons.

[Additional: Dzilam de Bravo is 85 kilometers distant from Merida and is a fishing village. The term “Dzilam” means “without a cover” in Mayan]

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Omar Villacís, director of the “Phenomenum” program on Cozumel Channel 5)