Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spain: UFOs Over the Spanish Sahara

Source: Angel Carretero – Andalucía Misteriosa
Date: 02.20.12

Spain: UFOs Over the Spanish Sahara

[Many of our readers may not be aware that Spain had – and continues to have – a significant presence on the African continent. In colonial times, these possessions included the Sahara Español (Spanish Sahara, consisting of Rio de Oro, Cabo Juby and Sagura el-Hamra), Sidi Ifni, and the northern coastal strip of Morocco, including the cities of Ceuta, Melilla and Tetuán. Further down the hump of Africa, Guinea Equatorial remains the only Spanish-speaking country on the continent, the legacy of 18th century diplomatic territorial swaps – S. Corrales]

1958 – Telata de Isbuia (former Spanish Sahara)
In early 1958, the pilot of a C-4K fighter sees a black, cylindrical object near Telata de Isbuia (former Sidi Ifni). Source: Angel Rivero

October 1959 – Hasi Habas – Cape Bojador (former Spanish Sahara)
A metallic object pursued a C-2111 fighter over the Atlantic between Hasi Habas and Cape Bojador.

1960 – Mahbes (former Spanish Sahara)

During a nocturnal bivouac in the region to the south of Mahbes in 1960, a triangular object with green and red lights made its presence known, landing and taking off near the soldiers (abstracted from an article in El Ojo Crítico)

02-09-1964 – SIDI IFNI (former Spanish Sahara)

On 9 February 1964, a member of Badalona’s Baetulo Observatory Barcelona) photographed an unknown object that could well be a classic “unidentified flying object”. The event occurred in Sidi Ifni. The French publication L’Astronomie reported the sighting in its May 1964 issue (Source: J.J. Benítez)

09-17-1968 – EL AAIUN (former Spanish Sahara)

On 17 September 1968 a flying sphere hovered over the runways at the military airfield at El Aaiun, causing authorities to turn on the lights, should it prove to be an aircraft in distress.

1973 – AUSERT (former Spanish Sahara)

Members of the special operations section of the legion witnessed the presence of a luminous red sphere at Ausert in broad daylight.

January 1974 – DAORA (former Spanish Sahara)

One evening in January 1974, soldiers see several luminous objects near the ground at a runway close to Daora.

01-27-1974 – SAGUIA EL HAMRA (former Spanish Sahara)

27 January 1974: occupants of a Spanish military helicopter participating in the “Arred-el Yam” operation against the Polisario Front see a glow on the ground in the Saguia el-Hamra sector. Directing their helicopter toward it, the see a spherical, round object measuring three meters in diameter emerging from a ditch. The object had no openings whatsoever and vanished toward the east in a matter of seconds.

February 1974 – UAD TERNIT (former Spanish Sahara)

In late 1974, a fighter participating in the “Tifaniti II” operation was accompanied by an oval metallic artifact as it flew over the Uad Ternit region (abstracted from El Ojo Crítico)

03-24-1977 – VILLA CISNEROS (former Spanish Sahara)

A Scandinavian DC-8 was flying near Villa Cisneros around 21:15 hours on 24 March 1977 when it encountered a “luminous cloud”. This incident was reported to the control tower in the Canary Islands.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Carretero, Andalucía Misteriosa, and Angel Rodriguez, GEIFO)