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Uruguay: Campers Witness UFO on Good Friday

Source: El Pais and TresUFOs
Date: 04.14.12

Uruguay: Campers Witness UFO on Good Friday
By Victor Rodriguez - El País

DURAZNO - Four groups of campers along the lakes of Rio Negro enjoying “Tourism Week” claim having seen an unidentified flying object, shaped like a triangle and highly luminous, flying over the area.

Several of those who experienced the unusual event took photos and recorded the strange and powerful light that appeared in the sky, leaving more than one onlooker bewildered. Some of the campers, terrified, took shelter in their tents or ran into the wilderness.

Fishermen consulted by El Pais described that their experience was among the most “unique and frightening” in their lives when on Saturday morning, with Good Friday barely over, a glowing light approached from above to within 150 meters of the site, oscillating for 15 minutes before the eyes of the stunned tourists.

A member of one of these groups, who told the story to Radio Durazno, said that the strange triangular light made a final pass over the site, flying over the campground before losing itself swiftly in the air.

The local radio show’s news segment also noted that contact had been made with the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) which advised them that no maneuvers had been held on that day, at that time or place, thus dismissing the likelihood that the object could have been an airplane.

On 31 May 2011, residents of San Gregorio and Durazno saw lights in the sky and thought they came from a UFO. However, on the next day, they learned that they had been flares launched from the La Carolina Target Range near San Gregorio.

The case from last year involved a training exercise by the “Ataque” Air Squadron, using its IA-58 Pucará aircraft to fire flares within the target range’s sphere of influence.

Lazaro Iriarte was among the ones who saw the object during Tourism Week. He was in the company of six others at one of the campgrounds.

“Around 0.15 hours on Saturday morning, we were camped on the banks of Rio Negro and noticed a very bright light in the sky, suspended in mid-air for a few minutes, and as we looked at it with some of our fellows, began to notice that at a given moment, the light began to rise even more in the sky, and that’s when it drew our attention,” states Iriarte.

The light became smaller within a matter of minutes, and the object appeared to head toward Durazno. “While we kept looking to see what it was, the light became brighter and came rather quickly toward where we were camped. We had a chance to take photos and record the moment. The most extraordinary feature was when it flew over our campground,” he recalls.

The object, he says, “was the size of an airplane and we could feel a buzzing sound as it flew over us. I can’t tell you the elevation at which it flew overhead, but at that time we wanted to take photos and record. When it passed over the campground, I could see that it was shaped like a triangle, with lights illuminating the object’s outline, and then we saw a sort of craft rotating around it.”

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(Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology)