Sunday, April 08, 2012

UFO on the Chile / Argentina Border

Source: Publimetro and Planeta UFO!NvC2KRHo5Pimk/

A UFO on the Chile/Argentina Border:

A strange flying object was photographed by personnel from the 5th Carabineros (state police) barracks at Panguipulli while on patrole in the Carririñe sector on the border with Argentina.

The object was photographed by 2nd Sgt. Hernan Barriento Muñoz and 2nd Corporal Patricio Ovando Imigo, who returned to the barracks once their duties where done. Once there, they were able to review the photos taken during the inspection trip.

Once the photographs were analyzed, officials realized that there was an anomaly in one of the clips, suggesting an alleged UFO.

The police officers dismissed the possibility of a spot on the lens, since the position of the "flying object" varies in all of the photos, according to the SoyChile portal.

(Our thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)