Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spain: CE-2 in Huelva (1980)

Spain: Cases Investigated by the GEIFO Group (Grupo Espanol de Investigación del Fenómeno OVNI – Spanish Group for the Research of the UFO Phenomenon)

Case No.: 002
Description of Event:

When Carmelo Villar Sousa returned home to Ayamonte (Huelva) from a discotheque on Isla Cristina in the small hours of the morning, he was pursued by a luminous, spherical object that changed its shape to that of a half-moon. The object placed itself over the witness’s motorcycle, which began to hesitate until it finally stalled out.

The witness got off the motorcycle and broke into a run, holding on to his vehicle. The UFO placed itself over him at low altitude, causing Carmelo to lose sight of everything surrounding him. He could only see an intense red light, resembling “a wall of light” according to his own account. He began to feel a sensation of considerable heat.

Upon reaching a bridge, the object pulled away from the witness, placing itself over some dwellings in Ayamonte. Carmelo tried to start the motorbike by going down a slope repeatedly, but to no avail.

The UFO swooped over him again, prompting the witness to dive to the ground in terror; the object flew over him at an altitude of one meter. The object later rose skyward, losing itself a considerable speed in the direction from which it had initially appeared, adopting the shape of a luminous red orb once again.

Information to be Considered:

- Witness claims having experienced intense heat.
- Claims having been surrounded by walls of heat reminiscent of “cohered beams of light”
- Motorcycle begins to experience problems until it seizes up definitively.
- The motorcycle’s relay points were destroyed.

Evaluation: Possible plasma ball of unknown origin
Sources: Report by Grupo GEIFO, Diario de Cádiz newspaper, Correo de Andalucía newspaper, other sources.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Rodriguez, GEIFO)