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Spain: CE-2 in Gerena, Seville (1980)

Spain: CE-2 in Gerena, Seville (1980)

From the files of GEIFO (Grupo Español de Investigación del Fenómeno Ovni)

Case No.: 004
Case Name: Sighting in Gerena, Seville (30 November 1980 at 21:00 hours)
Event Description: At nine o’clock in the evening, it was time to close the gate that separates the dwelling from the fenced-in area where some 200 yearling bulls were kept at the “La Caldera’ farm, municipality of Gerena, Seville. This establishment is devoted to raising fighting bulls. The keepers of the estate, Mrs. Josefa Acuña and her son Diego Vidal, witnessed an intense glow similar to daylight, coming from the immediate vicinity of the amateur bullfighting field near the house.

Then noticed the presence of a pyramidal object on the ground. This object had a row of intermittent white lights on its left side, a central red light and some red lights of greater size than the intermittent white lights on the right side.

Both witnesses observed the phenomenon as they entered and exited the dwelling at regular intervals over a period of three hours, although they cannot say for sure, since at the end of that time period they stopped coming out to look, and do not know what became of the object.

The 200 yearling bulls asleep in the area were not disturbed throughout the UFO’s presence; neither were the guard dogs on the property, who exhibited particular aggression toward GEIFO members during a site visit. However, members of GEIFO, with our flashlights and camera flash, caused the bulls to stampede, placing us in great danger.

One bull was found dead the next morning, and another injured. It is said that fighting among these bulls is commonplace, so any connection with the sighting is uncertain.

Points to be Considered:
- The long duration of the object in the landing area is to be highlighted.
- Fights among animals of this type are frequent. It is therefore possible that the dead and injured specimens found have no connection to the sighting.

Evaluation: Landing of a Conical or Pyramidal Object of Unknown Origin.

References and Sources: Case investigated by GEIFO. Diario ABC newspaper, Canal Sur TV.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Rodriguez, GEIFO)