Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Panama: Seeing a UFO "Stirs Sexual Desires"

Source: www.noufa2.blogspot.com
Date: 06.25.12

[Cid Gallup Latinoamérica is a respected public opinion survey company and El Siglo has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Panama. The survey – as people say nowadays – “seems legit” – SC]

Panama: Seeing a UFO “Stirs Sexual Desires”

A survey by a local Panamanian paper yielded a surprising result: 37 per cent of Panamanians claim having seen an unidentified flying object (UFO) and felt their desire for sex stirred immediately after the experience.

“Six percent of Panamanians claim having seen a UFO, out of which 37% claim having felt “sexual desire” following the experience, according to the survey by the Cid Gallup company, appearing in the El Siglo newspaper.

“A desire for sex was the strongest feeling – according to the survey – among those who claim having seen a UFO, far above a feeling of terror (17%). There is no specific explanation offered by the survey as to this reason. Thirty-eight per cent (38%) responded having felt nothing in particular,” according to Diana Santanach, director of Cid Gallup in Panama.

The survey discloses other interesting details, such as shapes associated with UFOs: 39% saw them as saucers, 4% as hornets, 3% as top-shaped and 1% as cranes.

Furthermore, only 12% of respondents would like to meet an alien, compared to 61% who would prefer not undergoing such an experience, and 25% who didn’t know/didn’t answer.

Thirty-seven per cent of respondents believed in life in other planets, while 63% refused to believe in such a possibility, according to the survey.

With regard to the aliens’ shape, 12% believe that they would resemble giant lizards, 11% believed they would be human shaped, and 2% replied that they would resemble angels. Seventy-two per cent replied that they would be “unimaginable”.

The survey was conducted in Panama with a sample of 1,200 respondents between June 7th and June 20th, 2012, with a 2.8% margin of error.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to NOUFA – Chile)