Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chile: Alleged UFO Over La Cisterna

Source: Radio Santiago (Chile)
Date: 07.12.12

Chile: Alleged UFO Over La Cisterna

The strange sighting of a flashing object in the skies over Iquique continues generating great expectations. Neither the Civil Aeronautics Office (DGAC) nor the ONEMI, not even the Air Force, have been able to accurately explain the nature of the strange UFO.

Eighteen hundred kilometers from Iquique, Ricardo Videla, a reader of the La Nación newspaper, provides images showing something that he wasn’t able to explain either. Yesterday at 19:30 hours, from his home in the La Cisterna commune, he was able to see a strange light flying far more slowly than an airliner, making no noise whatsoever and with a strong orange glow.

“I’d say it was an airplane. Many airplanes fly overhead on their way to land, but this one made no noise whatsoever. I live in a quiet pedestrian area, and unlike airplanes, which are readily felt, this object was silent and remained visible for nearly 2 minutes toward the Cordillera. It looked like a small, shiny orange bulb,” he summarized.

He says that in one occasion, some 25 or 30 years ago, he saw something similar but the object was not flying alone, but rather in groups of three. “I estimate that it was at a distance of some 100 to 150 meters, I even went as far as to think that it was an airliner on fire.”

His wife, who brought him a digital camera to capture its movement, also saw the object. “If they ask me what it was, I’ll say that I haven’t the slightest notion. I only know that it didn’t look like an aerostat or a satellite or an airplane. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like it,” he said.

Don Ricardo, 60, brings his tale to a close by saying that he doesn’t drink, and that he followed the object with his eyes until it vanished behind the lights of Gran Avenida.

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Radio Santiago, Diario La Nación and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]