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Spain: Unidentified Flying Object Cases from 1998

Source: Andalucía Misteriosa (www.andaluciamisteriosa.es.tl)
Date: 07.24.2012

Spain: Unidentified Flying Object Cases from 1998

Case #1

Researcher: Joaquín Mateos Nogales
Available Documentation: Enigmas, Year VI, No. 6, 1998
Source: Mundo Parapsicologico

Sighting of Three Greenish Oval Lights by Four Witnesses Around 00:30 Hrs. on 24 April 1998 at El Garrobo, a Hill Near Aznalcollar (Seville)

Around 00:30 hours on 24 April 1998, four witnesses of whom only their initials are known were driving back home along the Gerena-El Algarrobo road heading toward Huelva. They became aware of the presence of three green-hued lights appearing over some hills near the municipal limits of Aznalcollar.

As they approached the sight, they ascertained that three objects of considerable size, oval in shape, were hovering some 20 meters over the fields. When the car drove around one of the curves nearest to the objects’ location, the witnesses were clearly able to see a row of “what looked like portholes” surrounding each of the objects.

When the objects seemed to bob in mid-air, the witnesses became frightened, increased their car’s speed, and abandoned the area.

Case #2

M.Z.D., 24, employed with a supermarket belonging to a well-known international chain (name omitted due to anonymity considerations) says: “It happened during the World Cup, I’d say around 11 June 1998, at around 11:00 p.m. approximately.” According to the witness, he was able to see the object over the sea. “Looking straight at the sea, the object was to the NE. I was alone; I had agreed to meet some friends and became aware of a very strong white light. I stared up and realized that other people were also looking. The object began changing color from yellow to green, red, blue...it seem to shoot of sparks as it changed colors. It made noise as it sparked. Then it turned white again, but since the light wasn’t as bright, a disk-shape was visible, and part of the disk moved and seemed to wobble. Then it turned off and wasn’t seen again.”

The witness didn’t notice any abrupt temperature changes, nor did he experience any physical symptoms. This is all he saw, which was significant. Is this the first time that something like this has occurred in this city? The answer is no.

Case #3

Three Unidentified Submarine Objects (USOs) at Matalascañas (Huelva) – Early September 1998 at Sunset.

In early September 1998 and around sunset, a strange luminous formation made up of three luminous spheres, leaving a visible luminous wake underwater, was seen. Gradually, the objects emerged separately from the depths, remaining visible above the surface. Subsequently [the witnesses] F.J.G and I.D.S. were able to see how the three strange spheres rose above the surface and, shifting colors beautifully, headed toward Huelva and Portugal on the Western reaches of the Iberian Peninsula.

Case #4

Flying Platform and Four Other Objects Reported Over Lepe (Huelva) in September 1998

Around 23:30 hours on a given day in September 1998, the witness, whose initials are G.P.M., saw a sort of flying platform surmounted by another lens-shaped object, even as several triangular objects flew beneath it.

The lens-shaped object made a parabolic maneuver, and when it was over the town, it engaged in zigzag movements, issuing intermittent white light.

The lens-shaped object was black with red and white lights, while the triangular one was silver with white and green lights.

The five (5) objects made all kinds of movements during the 75-minute duration of the event. They had uniform speed of approximately 200 kmh. The first object was at an elevation of some 500 meters and the second one at 15 meters.

The witness employed binoculars throughout the entire sighting.

Researcher: Fernando Garcia.
Available Documentation: “Misterios” Bulletin No. 10, Jan. 2002 and copy of the investigation performed.

[Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Carretero Olmedo, Andalucia Misteriosa]