Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spain: A UFO Case from 1935

Source: Andalucia Misteriosa (Angel Carretero)
Date: 08.15.2012

Spain: A UFO Case from 1935?

Date: 04.05.1935
Time: 19.30
Location: Azlnalcazar
Province: Seville
Witnesses: Mr. Mora
Object: Round object with humanoids around it
Available Documentation: “Fenómeno Aterrizaje”, V.J. Ballester Olmos, Pg. 291, Ref.5
“La Punta del Iceberg”, J.J. Benítez, pg.58
Researcher: Manuel Osuna (1971)
Miscellaneous: The date is approximate; object descended some 450 meters away. Case involves a humanoid flying around a sphere.
Phenomenon located at the “Haza-Ancha” Farm
Witness speaks in terms of “a vision in which God had wanted to reward him.”
Guidelines to Follow: Study possible religious relationship based on the witness’s statements.

09-10-2000: e-mail sent to Pepe Ruesga requesting information.
09-11-2000: Reply received from Pepe Ruesga.
Notes: Pepe Ruesga reports that “Manuel Osuna’s [material] is purely anecdotal.”

Details of the event as they appear in “La Punta del Iceberg” (Pg. 58)


Around 19:30 hours on 5 April 1935, Mr. Mora, a farmer was working at the “Haza-Ancha” farm within the municipal borders of Aznalcázar (Seville) when he saw a large, shining, round object that descended some 450 meters away.

The object remained right over the ground, and some strange diminutive beings appeared to move around it.

The witness believed it was something “supernatural”. A vision with which God had chosen to reward him, and it remained his main subject of conversation until his death.

Researcher: Manuel Osuna (1971)

Remark by Scott Corrales: It should be noted than in “La Punta del Iceberg”, J.J. Benítez draws a comparison between this case and a similar one that took place in 1967 in Cussac, France: Four “children” were seen standing next to a large sphere; one of them seemed to be carrying an object in his hands. The first three “humanoids” flew to the top of the sphere and vanished within it. The fourth one followed suit, but returned to the ground to collect the shining object he had earlier been holding in his hands. He then flew up to meet the departing orb, which was now fifteen meters over the surface.

[Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Carretero, Andalucia Misteriosa]