Monday, September 10, 2012

Chile: An Interdimensional Vision? Strange Experience in Concepción

Source: NOUFA - Actas de Grimorio
Date: 10 September 2012

Chile: An Interdimensional Vision? Strange Experience in Concepcion
By Anonymous
(Source: From the files of Raul Gajardo Lepold)

The story I am about to tell has never been published, nor has it been written down, But I decided that in spite of any doubts I may have, it is better to tell the story.
Downtown Concepción, next to its lovely Plaza de Armas (town square), has always been a very busy area due to its strong commercial attraction. What I am recalling here always occurred in the afternoon and did not go on for longer than one month.

Specifically, I began to notice a certain type of person: Tall, white-skinned, unaccompanied, with nearly automatic movements, straight backs, males whose ages ranged between youth and middle age, and no females at all. Their clothing was commonplace. What was it then that startled me? The napes of their necks. They wore no headgear of any sort. The napes of their necks could be seen in a straight angle, which is not customary, with flat occipital bones. This made their appearance unforgettable. I think I must have seen at least ten people matching this description. After all these years, which add up to sixty-eight, I have never seen them again despite the fact that I have covered most of this nation's territory.

Another characteristic was their thinness: normal features, hair running from black to dark blonde, combed backward. Angular faces, average height, but rather tall and with somewhat elongated noses.

Despite the passing of years, this memory has remained indelible in my memory and I can assure you it isn't adolescent fantasy. I am a person with good powers of observation. Of course, I shared these experiences with the friends I had at the time, who also marveled, much like myself, that those strange people were not recognized as customary visitors to the downtown area, unlike ourselves, who went there every afternoon to enjoy our idle and carefree student lives.

Editor's Note: Upon consulting the files of IIEE Chile, another resident of this city - Alejandro Verdugo Garay - had a similar experience, and also had subsequent ones with strange beings, completely out of context, in the Nahuelbuta Mountains.

(With no exact dates or references, this story remains clearly anecdotal. However, it is interesting to see that the descriptions of the supposedly strange entities matches the "Nordic" beings associated with the Friendship Island mystery that has baffled Chilean researchers for decades - SC)

[Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to NOUFA and Paulo R. Poian)