Thursday, February 07, 2013

Argentina: The Museo del Ovni Reopens

[INEXPLICATA extends its best wishes and congratulations to Vision Ovni as it reopens the Museo del Ovni at a new location and under improved circumstances! – SC]

Argentina: The Museo del OVNI Reopens
By Andrea Pérez Simondini
6 February 2013

The Museo del OVNI (UFO museum) of the city of Victoria has reopened at its birthplace.
New rooms, new items and a spacious auditorium for the benefit of our visitors form part of the new facilities. All that’s left is for you to visit us, so you can learn about all the different aspects of the UFO phenomenon through the research materials of renowned Argentinean researchers and the teamwork of Visión OVNI.

It is said that one must pursue dreams. It is also said that obstacles must be overcome and that one must not flag when making the effort. They say the best is always yet to come and that life always gives you another chance. We saw all of these things come to pass when we opened the doors to the museum on 26 January at the very same place where it was born, and we found people waiting to come in. That moved us greatly and gave us the impression that so much effort had been worth it.

Many of these people are friends who had visited us before, covering several kilometers to be there with us. Others were travelers who came to Victoria and who learned of the museum’s existence, stopping by to see what it was all about.
Those who knew the place from its early days of operation at Silvia’s house were startled by the new arrangement of the facilities. A new room, the widening of the conference room, the expansion of the sample room, the sanitary facilities, an exhaustive library and a complete video collection with titles to please all tastes in matters of UFO and extraterrestrial subjects.

The Museum’s Façade

A debate ensued over the kind of façade the UFO museum should have. We were clear on one point: the museum, having been known during its transfer to the center of time, all agreed that it had to have an artistic display. We also agreed that it needed to be different and very associated with extraterrestrial culture, research and significant cases. Thus, we contacted Javier Stagnaro, a good friend and Argentinean researcher, to make this vision a reality.

After working for fifteen intense and hot days, the masterpiece achieved fruition.

The New Infrastructure

The project contemplated the expansion and remodeling of an auditorium for 70 guests, with suitable technology for viewing videos, samples and conferences.

The library – christened El Dragón Invisible in honor of the work performed by researcher Carlos Iurchuk on his website – presents a new arrangement with a reading room for the visitor’s comfort. The true novelty is the video library, with offerings to suit all tastes, filled with material on the genre, with an important contribution from researcher Roberto Banchs, documentaries and documentation on Visión Ovni’s research.

Photographic evidence, displayed thematically, enables us to observe research conducted on the subject of landing marks and cattle mutilations.

Institutional activity regarding the declassification and work performed by the continent’s air forces and the Argentinean Air Force also has an exhibit, along with materials from the CEFORA project, the Argentinean organization that concentrates researchers from the entire country with the goal of requesting declassification of files in government custody.
The Victoria Room is the new space that collects the city’s most important case histories – investigations carried out since 1991 by various researchers and members of Visión Ovni. The room also houses fragments of objects that have fallen from space, perhaps the most sought-after items by visitors.

Another novelty is the mini-lab for samples, where items are displayed with their respective analytical reports. There you will also find samples of plants and vegetation from circles associated to the phenomenon, elements of cattle mutilation research. There is also evidence from the Monte Grande explosion.

Special Acknowledgement

There is a person who merits being singled out as an inseparable companion, willing to make an effort when needed, assume responsibility and commitment for every development undertaken. He is a founding member of Visión Ovni and he has shared all our experiences, both good and bad: Pablo Puchet, who has worked harder than anyone else to make this a reality once more.


While the museum opened its doors to the public at 10:00 a.m., we had a small inaugural cocktail party at 19:00 hours, inviting municipal authorities and personal friends. Among them was Darío Garcilazo, the Intendant of Victoria, who was among the people who asked us not to drop the ball, and who offered us significant assistance with materials for the project.
Marcela Lujan, Victoria’s Director of Tourism, was a source of encouragement throughout, and in charge of conveying our needs to the authorities. She is an acknowledged professional in the area of tourism, understanding from the start the importance of the UFO museum as a generator of visits to the community. Among others present were businessman Fabián Lima, general manager of the Victoria del Agua hot springs, who offered his support at all times.

Finally, the toast, signaling the dawn of a new stage that we hope will please all visitors to the Museo del Ovni in Victoria, Entre Rios, Argentina. It is the only one of its kind in the country and one of ten of its kind in the world. Acknowledged for its exhibit materials, photography and audiovisuals, but essentially for its information and research, based on science and knowledge.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU]