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Chile: Chupacabras Startles Suburban Couple

Chile: Chupacabras Startles Suburban Couple
NOUFA No. 20 – Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo
February 2013

Incredible though it may seem, and in spite of countless hypotheses that endeavor to explain the manifestations of the Chupacabras in our country, we constantly find a series of anecdotes and reports that shatter our frameworks, in one way or another, constituting an enigma that refuses to vanish.

The appearance in recent days of news items regarding the IEA (Spontaneous Aggressive Intruder, in Spanish) or Chupacabras have prompted those who have had sightings of an entity with simian characteristics, an elongated muzzle and considerable agility, to step forth and explain their experience for the very first time. This instance has given us a new “verbal Identikit” provided by the witnesses’ own descriptions.

Thanks to the collaboration of a valued contact, averred by twenty years of service with the Chilean Air Force (FACH) we finally made contact with the Hernandez family, who late last year were holding a family get-together in their property at Padre Hurtado (a commune of the Metropolitan Region) involving an appetizing cookout – an event that would provide them with the strangest experience in their lives.

The Hernandezes were in the back lot of their property. The time was 23:30 hours at night when suddenly Mercedes Hernandez, who was concerning herself with the meat roasting on the grill, felt “someone” tossing cherries at her. Her first thought was that a family member was playing tricks on her, but faced with the shower of cherries that were falling around her; she managed to determine that the action emerged from a nearby tree.

The tree was no more than 10 meters distant from the place where the meat was roasting, and she approached it. Her initial impression was to feel that someone was chewing, making noises as they ate something. But upon coming closer, she noticed a pair of shiny, reddish eyes looking at her from the middle of the tree. The being – or whatever it was – rested in a seating position, settling between two branches in a “T” shape. Given the strangeness of what she was seeing, she immediately called her husband, who also saw the being and thought to grab a water hose to scare it away with a well-aimed stream.

While this action was taking place, the alleged IEA leaped from the tree with tremendous strength, jumping over a wall or partition adjoining a neighboring property, containing pens with geese and ducks. Being that it was a splendid, moonlit evening; Mercedes was able to make out the details of the being’s physical characteristics.

Mercedes’s “oral Identikit” disclosed characteristics similar to other sightings made elsewhere in the world, although here, according to our witness, there was a larger corporal mass, which she noticed when the strange being leaped from the tree to the nearby partition. This sudden action caused several tree limbs to shatter right to the top, even giving the impression that the tree had split in two. Furthermore, Mercedes added: “The leap and the creature’s dropping to the other side of the wall was very forceful, and the sound was perfectly audible.”

In conversations with our collaborator Eugenio Bahamonde, Mercedes abounded on her impressions, saying she was certain that there was a sign of intelligence in the creature’s pitching cherries at her back, and she even thought for a moment that it was interested in the meat being roasted.

She also added that on that day, her favorite pets – a Maltese dog and a cat – were restless the entire day, and that at the time of the sighting, ran and hid under a washbasin, whining and growling in true fear and dread.

Mercedes’s husband confirmed his spouse’s impressions. He confessed that this initial intention was to hose it down with the garden hose, but he didn’t get to do this, as the strange creature’s leap was sudden and startling.

Members of the IIEE have collected new background information on this case, pertaining to the alleged IEA’s behavior, which will be added to other sightings in order to come up with a common pattern. It should also be noted that the statements proffered by Mercedes and her husband were motivated by a link of friendship, which is how we secured the information. The couple told us that they had decided not to speak of the matter, fearing ridicule and the constant levity with which these situations are treated in the media. We thank them for placing their trust in us.

[Translation (c) 2013 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to NOUFA and IEEE)