Friday, March 29, 2013

Argentina: An Incredible UFO Sighting in Concordia

[PLEASE NOTE: Andrea Pérez Simondini published an update on the case at the VISION OVNI website, stating: "The sighting took place over Yuquerí Chico and the event involved an air modeling test by a young hobbyist." Omar Cuevas of the Concordia RC Aircrafters club spoke to Ms. Simondini on the subject.--Ed.]

Date: 03.28.2013

Argentina: An Incredible UFO Sighting in Concordia, Argentina
By Andrea Pérez Simondini, Visión OVNI
Investigation by Vicky Zeigler and Martin Bertochi

Members of the VISION OVNI team in Concordia – Vicky Zeigler and Martin Bertochi – were informed of a sighting that was taking place in the vicinity of Yuquerí Chico, Department of Concordia.

The witnesses – members of the Guilme family – phoned the researchers in a state of alarm and astonishment at what they were witnessing over their field on the outskirts of the city.

Upon reaching the site they found the family in a highly emotional state as a result of the sighting, and who were still unable to explain what they had seen for a number of minutes.


Location: Yuquerí Chico, Department of Concordia, Entre Rios
Family: Guilme
Time the Sighting Occurred: 20:30 hrs. and 21:15 hrs.


Vicky Zeigler reports that a friend told her that a light was flying overhead, changing colors from red to blue to green to turquoise. It made sudden moves, rising and descending time and again. This happened around 20:30 hours.

At 21:15 hours the friend said that there were now 2 lights with the same characteristics, and that on this instance, both lights swung around in the sky to return to their original position.

“We went to the site immediately, taking approximately 15 minutes to reach the field. Everyone there was very excited. The movements of the lights were described to us in detail. We were further informed that the very same had been seen on Sunday, March 24, but around 1:00 a.m.”

However, what startled the researchers most was that the family had managed to take photographs of what they had seen, reflecting exactly what they had described both in shape and colors.

We share with you the material obtained by Vicky and Martin.

We await further information, as we were advised that a multicolored, cross-shaped light was seen in Gualeguychú. It matches what was seen and photographed by the Guilme family.


[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Silvia and Andrea Pérez Simondini and Guillermo Giménez]