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Spain: A Possible Humanoid at Mazagón? (1998)

Spain: A Possible Humanoid at Mazagón? (1998)
By José Manuel García Bautista

Information on the main witness, Luis Cuesta Trinidad, and his encounter with an alleged humanoid
[The article proceeds to the witness’s address and phone number, which we have omitted – SC]

The experience or encounter with the being of supposedly humanoid appearance at the beach of the locality of Mazagón (Province of Huelva) took place on 24 August 1998 between 20:30 and 22:30 hours. The sighting of the entity lasted between 3 and 4 minutes.

The encounter occurred on the shores of the Huelvan coast, with what could have been an oil tanker in far offshore. Luis Cuesta Trinidad was in the company of a friend named Laura, and both were staying at a campground near the town of Mazagón. Both witnesses felt a sense of curiosity about this being, wanting to know more about the strange character. Since the event occurred, Luis has felt attracted to the subject and wants to know more about the UFO phenomenon. He says he has no knowledge of sightings in this area, but this researcher was able to account for at least two sightings in the neighboring community of Matalascañas, in a direction toward Mazagón, on the 4th and 13th of September of the same year.

Weather-wise, it was a pleasant and warm evening with good visibility (even though they used a flashlight). The witnesses believe the phenomenon can be explained from a ufological standpoint and justify this line of thought by believing they had seen a being from “another world”.

“The alleged “alien entity” emerged from the water and began moving its arms in a strange and unsettling manner, as if suffering spasms, yet it neither screamed nor asked for help, and was therefore not a swimmer in danger. Its back was to us, and he turned around to face us abruptly. Upon seeing the light of the flashlight, it took off running quickly and in an odd manner, since it didn’t bend its knees. It had no hair on its head, but had a hairy body. It had round and slightly slanted orange eyes. Its height must have been about two meters all, and had very long arms and legs with strange formations that could have been joints (but why did it not bend its knees while running?).”

Throughout this experience, Luis was somewhat alarmed but calm (as much as he could be…) while Laura was very nervous. They hadn’t consumed either alcohol or drugs. They are healthy people.

Morphological Information on the Alleged Humanoid:

Height: 2 meters (approximately)
Non-Human appearance
Whitish skin with bulky formations in its joints.

Its head was shaped like an inverted pear. Round, orange-hued, slanted eyes. No nose, or one so small it was barely noticeable. They could not tell if it had a mouth. It made no sound whatsoever and they couldn’t tell if it had lips.

The being had a considerable torso and was thin. Its body was hairy with thick, round extremities. Two arms and two legs, although they couldn’t tell the size of the creature’s hands. It had no clothing beyond the hair that coated its body.

They did not speak nor communicated in any way with this being, which became frightened upon seeing them (or was it startled?)
Ever since this experience occurred, Luis Cuesta Trinidad has noticed an increase in physical resistance, especially when running.

Researcher’s Considerations:

Evaluating a possible encounter between two people and a being that one has not seen in person is always difficult. One believes that the witness is being truthful, but this does not preclude considering other possible causes that explain such an encounter. This is my theory:

Luis Cuesta Trinidad and his friend Laura were walking along the shore in the community of Mazagón, Province of Huelva, when they saw a bather emerge from the water. The person was nude, bald and with a hairy body, shaking their arms in an effort to dry off, causing his movements to seem spasmodic and violent. This person detected the presence of our protagonists and turned around in surprise (he was in the nude and there were persons who could see him). In that moment, he took off running to conceal his face and nakedness (and act of shame), departing the area with an unusual gait (perhaps he had suffered a cramp while swimming, or had some physical abnormality).

Yet I have my doubts about the description of the witness. If they saw the color and shape of the being’s eyes, how could they not see a nose or a mouth? If they say it lacked joints, how come they say it had bulky protuberances on them? Could it be that both became frightened and thought they saw what (a humanoid) wasn’t there?

I cannot say this for sure, but I think I may be closer to the truth.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to José Manuel García Bautista]