Monday, December 16, 2013

Argentina: More on the "Giant Humanoid" Photograph

We are still awaiting an official analysis from Luis Burgos and the FAO team on the nature of the alleged "Giant Humanoid" photograph taken on the beaches of Necochea.

In the meantime, Mundo Esotérico Paranormal ( had the following to say on its 10 December 2013 post, translated below:

Photograph Displays a Giant Humanoid
MEP - 10 December 2013

Last year, media reported on a surprising photograph that appeared to show a transparent alien creature photographed by a police officer near [China's] Jianming Lake, located at an altitude of 3,313 meters in the southern part of the central plateau at Taitung.

A photo hoax was suspected at first until experts analyzed the photo to ascertain its authenticity. Their conclusion was that no further editing was in evidence. The snapshot was taken by Chan Yung-huang, a policeman walking around Lake Jianming with his colleagues on 14 May of last year. Chen said he noticed nothing unusual as he took a photo of a mountain. Later, the photograph would clearly show a large creature of extraterrestrial origin with a transparent body and webbed hands, which constituted proof of alien visitation to ufological experts. Now a new photograph in Argentina shows an extraterrestrial human on a beach. As occured in Lake Jianming, there were also witnesses who claimed seeing nothing unusual.

The alleged entity appeared in a photograph taken during a sunset in Argentina on 19 November [2013] according to several websites devoted to the subject. In this case, the photo appears to display a humanoid form on the coastline. As can further be seen in the image, there is a vehicle parked at the edge of the water with four people enjoying the sunset. The bystanders are seemingly unaware of the strange figure.

Experts have looked into the photograph, publishing the analyzed image of the alleged alien. According to specialized media, the photos were submitted for analysis by Guillermo D. Gimenez, who did not take the photo, as its author wished to remain anonymous. The photo was examined by the renowned Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO) directed by Luis Burgos of La Plata, a respected ufologist with over 40 years' experience in the subject.

Other experts also analyzed the mysterious image: "If we look at the astonishing photograph, you'll notice a car parked at the water's edge with four people watching the sunsed, unaware of the alien's presence. This suggests that the entity was "cloaked" and only visible to the camera eye. I personally think it is an authentic image as it seemingly does not display any signs of being edited via Photoshop-type programs. It is also necessary to add that a more exhaustive analysis of the photo and the camera will be needed to discard any possible anomalies," explained a UFO analyis.

Skeptics have also weighed in on the matter: Juan Carlos Victorio states in his blog ( that "the explanation is a very simple one, but some prefer the more fantastic and surreal hypotheses. Shortly before the photo displaying the figure was taken, another was shown. This one is not usually depicted in the articles and entries posted on the Internet on this incident - - A simple variation in perspective (the photograph crouches to take the second photo) of a person standing between the Sun and the camera gives us a giant alien."

INEXPLICATA will continue posting opinion on this controversial image and any subsequent examinations.