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Argentina: Police Report Documents 1978 UFO Teleportation

Source: VISION OVNI and Planeta UFO
Date: 01.28.2014

Argentina: Police Report Documents 1978 UFO Teleportation
By Andrea Perez Simondini with documentation from Daniel Lecomte

As we have often stated and written about the value of campaigns that serve not only to make people aware of a concept or an idea, they also allow us to find what we least expected, as occurred here: a document!

Researcher Silvia Pérez Simondini, CEFORA’s press officer, has among her functions contacting people who approach her with questions or any other information. In this manner, documentation was found that enables us to delve into the files of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police Department, containing hundreds of UFO reports.

Since the year 2012, Silvia has been in contact with Daniel Lecomte, interested in the UFO phenomenon and a resident of Buenos Aires province, who advised the researcher that he has in his possession a series of police files given to him by a retired officer.

Incredible though it may sound, this documentation was going to be discarded (literally thrown to the trash), but given that the officer was aware of Daniel’s interest in the subject, decided to save them and pass them along.

The documents, which include all manner of police reports from Southern Buenos Aires Province, contained within them a jewel, as far as our research is concerned, into the case of the Vuelta de America del Sur Rally on September 23, 1978. Unknowingly, the recipient of the file kept the information as it was given to him, unread. It was only recently that the protagonist decided to open the folder, coming across the famous case after a conversation with Silvia, who wanted to know what cases were contained within.

For those of you who do not remember or have never heard of the case, here is a chronicle, well documented, of perhaps one of the best known cases of the 1970s, involving two Chilean race car drivers during the first Rally de la Vuelta de America del Sur. Here are the details of the case through the excellent investigation performed by Guillermo Roncorconi in UFO Press No. 9, October 1978. ... archivos-desclasificados/

Technical Details of the Case:
Location: Intersection of Route 3 with the rural road leading to town through Cardenal Cagliero (now R1 – Carmen de Patagones – Viedma – Prov of Buenos Aires)
Witnesses: Miguel Angel Moya and Carlos Acevedo
Date: 23 September 1978
Time: About 3 a.m.
Investigating Authority: Police Department of [the town of] Pedro Luro – Inspecting Officer Daniel Osimi, Corporal Jesús García and patrolman José Bordenave.
Secondary Witnesses: Eduardo Forechesatto (service station watchman)

The Case:

On 17 August 1978, Carlos Acevedo and Hugo Prambs departed the city of Buenos Aires aboard a Citroen GS 1220 as part of the first leg of the Rally de America del Sur, organized by the Argentinean Automobile Club and the Banco de Intercambio Regional.
The competition was truly exhausting for men and machines alike: a marathon lasting a little over a month, during which they had to reach Caracas (Venezuela) from Buenos Aires, returning along the Pacific coastline of South America.

The crew of Citroen Number 102 faced countless problems, particularly in the last segments of the Rally, which caused them to realize they might have to quit the race altogether. However, thanks to Acevedo’s determination and the assistance of over racers, they were able to “hook up” with the race again after deserting it, with a view to reaching their goal.

On September 16, Hugo Prambs quit the race due to personal reasons, and was replaced by Miguel Angel Moya. In the early hours of 23 September, Acevedo and Moya were covering the last 1000 kilometers of the Rally. At approximately 2:00 a.m. they stopped at the ACA service station in Viedma (Rio Negro Province) where they took on fuel (filling up their standard 50 liter tank plus a 40-liter backup tank), drank coffee and spoke to other racers for a few minutes. A 02:30 hours, Citroen No.102 was enroute again to Bahía Blanca, after crossing the Rio Negro and crossing the town of Carmen de Patagones.

At around 03:00 hours, having left behind the intersection of Route 3 with the rural road leading to Cardenal Cagliero, near Salitral del Agarrobo and Salina de Pedro, some 30 kilometers north of Carmend de Patagones (approximate location 40* 29' North, 62* 49' West).

Carlos Acevedo was at the wheels of the Citroen when he suddenly saw a bright light reflected in his rear view mirror. It was a dense, yellowish light. At first it looked like only a dot in the mirror. However, its size increased as he watched.

Acevedo and Moya were driving at around 100 kilometers an hour at the moment. In spite of this, the light was closing in swiftly, causing Acevedo to believe that it was the headlights of one of the heavier vehicles (Citroen 2400s or a Mercedes Benz), causing him to slow down and pull over to the right edge of the asphalt in order to allow another Rally competitor to pass him by.

The light was already filling the rear view mirror and kept closing in. Suddenly, the passenger compartment in Acevedo and Moya’s Citroen became filled with light.

“Light flooded the passenger compartment and I couldn’t see beyond the hood of the car. It was a dense, brilliant light, yellow in color with some violet hues. I thought I’d lost control of the car at the moment. I looked through the window and saw were nearly two meters over the asphalt surface. I suddenly thought we had jumped over a speed bump and braced myself on the steering wheel, waiting for the moment we’d hit the surface again,” Acevedo explained.

However, far from descending, the car seemed to keep rising into the air, out of control. “After a few seconds, I don’t know, maybe some 5 or 10, I reacted and realized that something completely abnormal was going on. I wanted to look out the window again, but all I could see was that dense light. I remember I started screaming ‘what’s going on?’ but Moya wasn’t answering. When I looked to my right, my companion wasn’t there, or at least I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t even see the dashboard. I could only see that dense light that looked liquid, I don’t know, sort of viscous,” Acevedo recalls.

Miguel Angel Moya, on the other hand, was paralyzed by fear, and explained: “Initially I also thought it was a speed bump, and was scared at the thought of the vehicle overturning, but when I noticed that the car appeared to float in the air and wasn’t coming down, I became even more frightened. It was a situation I couldn’t really understand. I looked at Carlos and I saw him completely stiff, clutching the steering wheel with his arms outstretched and staring forward. It seemed like he was screaming but I couldn’t hear anything. I could see everything as if through a yellow fog, as if I was distant, somewhere else. I think my first reaction was to try and flee from there, but when I tried to open the door it wouldn’t budge, as if welded shut. I noticed the temperature was rising, although it could have been the result of my state of fear. Suddenly the light covered everything and I couldn’t see a thing, not even my hands, nothing.”

The witnesses lost all notion of time. They felt a sudden jolt and noticed the vehicle was on the road again.

“I think a minute or two went by, I’m not really sure, and I felt a shudder, but I had the immediate impression that the car was on the road again. The yellow light appeared to dim, and I was gradually able to see my surroundings, the dashboard, the hood of the car. I looked through the window and saw the ground. We were on the shoulder on the opposite lane of the road, fully stopped. Suddenly the light vanished from the passenger compartment and saw it fading away into the west, like a cone of yellow light, but one that didn’t end in a tip, it was somewhat truncated. I don’t know. It might have measured some five meters at the base and two or three at the cusp, measuring some six or seven meters in height. The base lit the ground, ahtough you really couldn’t see what it was lighting, that is to say, you couldn’t see through the light. A few seconds later, the light…how can I explain it? …retracted itself or drew up like a curtain, from bottom to top, and all that remained in view was an oval, whitish-yellow light that kept heading west until it vanished in the distance,” said Acevedo.

Moya took a few seconds to recover from the impression produced by the abnormal situation. “Suddenly it was all over, and we were alone on the road. Carlos and I exchanged looks, but couldn’t say a word. I was numb. My hands were shaking and there was a pressure on my chest. Breathing was hard.”

Acevedo and Moya remained silent for a few minutes, unable to engage in any action or activity. Finally, Acevedo got out of the car to “make sure everything was in place”, as he said. A minute later he boarded the Citroen and headed north along Route 3 at full speed.

Fifteen minutes later, the Chilean drivers of Citroen No. 2 reached the town of Pedro Luro, a community located in the Province of Buenos Aires some 123 kilometers north of Carmen de Patagones. They stopped at a service station in order to ask for the location of the police barracks. When checking the dashboard, they ascertained two anomalous events: the odometer showed that they had covered 52 kilometers from the city of Viedma to Puerto Luro, when the actual distance between both places is 127 kilometers. Moreover, they had reached Pedro Luro at 05:10 hours, having departed the city limits of Carmen de Patagones at 02:50 approximately. Driving at an average speed of 100 kilometers an hour, it shouldn’t have taken more than 75 minutes to cover the distance between both points, but they had in fact taken 2 hours and 20 minutes.

There was a third inexplicable event: when they decided to fill up the main gas tank, they noticed their backup tank was completely empty, despite having been filled with 40 liters of fuel in the city fo Viedma. These unexplained events added to the witnesses’ confusion. In spite of their growing fear, they decided to tell their story to the police at Pedro Luro, heading to the respective barracks.

They spoke with Inspector Daniel Osimi, to whom they told the details of the incident they had experienced, asking for police custody to the city of Bahia Blanca.

The press covered the story, including magazines like Cuarta Dimension, whose Number 58 tells the story, comparing it to an event of similar characteristics in Brazil.

[Readers of Inexplicata will remember an article on the 1978 Rally involving two Ecuadoran drivers who discussed Acevedo and Moya’s own experience:]

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[Translation © 2014 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology with thanks to Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO]