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Mexico: Strange Lights Over the Yucatan Peninsula

Source: Planeta UFO and SIPSE
Date: April 11, 2014

Mexico: Strange Lights Over the Yucatan Peninsula
By Jorge Moreno, SIPSE

Jose Peña of Valladolid reports an alleged UFO sighting that was apparently confirmed by residents from nearby towns.

MERIDA, Yucatan – Jose Peña Sosa of the city of Valladolid sent us a report on a UFO sighting from “la Sultana de Oriented.” What is interesting about the case is that subsequently, others in nearby communities (Ebtún and Cuncunul) also reported similar events, leading one to think that it is the same object.

Pena Sosa notes: “We saw some lights here in the city of Valladolid, specifically at the Claudio Alcocer Sports Facility where friends get together to train, and on several occasions we have seen a light that suddenly appears and flies slowly, sometimes in a north-south and west-southeast direction.”

He adds: “I’m telling you this, cause west-to-east and vice versa is a corridor frequently traversed by aircraft taking off from Cancún, but the blinking lights and noise made by these aircraft is unmistakable. The luminous object we have observed gives the impression of “turning off”, so to speak, and then lighting up again.

“This has been seen by several people. The last time we even had an electronics technician who works at the Televisa repeater, and upon seeing it, said it was either a satellite or the International Space Station. Several of those present, however, didn’t believe him because his statement lacked logic. These sightings, while not daily, are observed at least 3 times a month. They used to be more frequent, before there were lights at the sports track, making it easier to look at the sky and discover any anomalies.

“On Monday, 20 March at around 7:45 p.m., upon leaving the sports center, a colleague and I saw what appeared at first blush to be a paper balloon, the type released at fairs, but looking at it closely, we could see that it was a bright yellow light moving in a straight, steady line from east to west, making it difficult for it to be a balloon. If you’ve ever seen one, you know that they wobble as they take off and then catch fire, and are carried in the direction of the wind, which blew from south-to-north that day. I know this because I always notice the wind direction when I’m running, as it affects my time,” he explained.

“The next day, at around 8:15 at night, reaching the house where I live in the San Juan district, as I drove uphill along a street I saw a round, reddish object moving slowly and at constant speed toward the east. Again I thought it couldn’t be a paper balloon. The next day I asked around the people I know in my neighborhood to see if anyone had conducted religious “novenas”, since they sometimes launch paper balloons, but it turned out they weren’t.”

It should be noted that a few days before this report was sent to me, another two came in from Ebtún and the municipality of Cuncunul, where Marta Gongora Mex and Rogelio Cuytun, respectively, reported seeing lights with similar characteristics.

In Ebtún, the sighting occurred near a filling station located near the Social Readaptation Center. “I pulled away, having filled my motorcycle with gasoline, and when I turned around, I saw three lights moving at the same time. Suddenly they pulled away from each other. They made no noise and then vanished. This happened twice. I think it must involve UFOs because I can’t find another explanation.”

As for the report from Cuncunul (a municipality located a few kilometers away from Ebtún) the report was more brief, but makes note of three lights “that turned themselves on and off on several occasions.”

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Jorge Moreno, SIPSE)