Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Venezuela: UFOs Shed No Light on Mysteries

Source: El Tiempo (Venezuela)
Date: 06.22.2014

UFOs Shed No Light on Mysteries
By Ragdeli Peraza Mobilio

***Research on unidentified flying objects is known to have commenced in the middle of World War 2. There is currently no irrefutable evidence for them ***
*** A direct relationship is incorrectly made between UFOs and aliens ***

She doesn't remember the date exactly, but believes the strange event to have occurred in late November 2009. Marjorie Buloz was in her apartment that evening around approximately 8:00 p.m., and the windows of one of her rooms in the Pascal District of Puerto La Cruz faces the El Maguey Lagoon. There had been a blackout and she saw something flying near the lagoon.

"What I saw was a large oval object suspended over the lagoon. It projected a very bright white light (...) the UFO began moving up and down, spinning on its own axis and executing many movements before remaining static. It then took off at an impressive speed, losing itself in the sky." Buloz, a 25-year-old journalist, saw what could be catalogued as an unidentified flying object, source of the acronym UFO. Its origin, however, may or may not be extraterrestrial, according to Buloz. "It could be human technology with or without extraterrestrial assistance. Who knows?"

Her sighting does not go unnoticed by others who tell similar stories while remaining anonymous.

According to research by volunteer members of the UFO Venezuela group, members of a family claimed having witnessed a strange event in October 2008 in the Puerto Nuevo District of Puerto La Cruz. Around 20 white lights appeared aligned in the sky, moving slowly, getting closer and separating, traveling in different directions.

Witnesses to the phenomenon say that the "craft" made turns but vanished quickly in a matter of seconds. According to the report, no one else in that community managed to see the nocturnal "spectacle" in the sky, or have otherwise not wanted to discuss it. Other isolated cases have occurred in the state of Anzoátegui with such common elements as brilliant lights, generally white in color, the movement of the flying objects and their swift, immediate disappearance.

Between the years 2008 and 2012, witnesses report having seen strange white lights or silvery objects flying over Cerro Venezuela, Lechería and also over the mountain located in the vicinity of the Universidad de Oriente's Anzoátegui Campus.

A direct relationship is incorrectly made between UFOs and aliens. They are, in fact, flying objects whose origin remains unknown. Some theories hold that the infamous flying saucers are extraterrestrial in origin, while other investigations state that many sighting reports are in fact military aircraft being tested in the sky.

UFO research has become widespread since the middle of World War II, mainly based on reports by pilots claiming to see strange flying entities that were not aircraft. Since then, a number of adepts of the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFOs have arisen, researching strange events on their own without finding any irrefutable evidence as of yet.

In February of this year, a group of astronomers held a series of lectures at the David Dunlop Observatory in Ontario, Canada to discuss the UFO phenomenon from a scientific perspective. Astronomers Ian Shelton and Tuba Koktay explained that unidentified flying objects do exist, but that there are many unanswered questions regarding extraterrestrial life. Koktay is an astronomer and researcher and Shelton teaches astronomy at the University of Toronto. Both have worked for the observatory. "We are learning something new every day. Fifteen years ago we weren't sure about the existence of planets outside our solar system. Now we've found over 1000." El Tiempo contacted the Centro de Investigaciones Astronomicas (CIDA) in the state of Merida to obtain a scientific opinion. However, interviews were refused since "they lacked personnel specialized in the subject."

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]