Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spain: A Monster in Málaga (CE-3, 1966)

Spain: A Monster in Málaga
By Manuel Ramírez, Red Nacional de Corresponsales
From the Collection of Ignacio Darnaude

A news item caught the attention of several newspapers on May 28, 1965. One news flash read succinctly: "A spherical metal object has been floating in space this morning over the town of Martos in Jaén. It is apparently motionless."

Subsequently, on July 24th of that same year, two glowing objects were seen by numerous people around midnight on a street of that community. When they were strolling past the place known as Casa de Dean, many people of acknowledged solvency saw two white objects with a shape that at times looked like the full moon. These objects crossed the horizon heading toward the south-southeast with ten minute gap between them.

Only days later, in Seville, María Díaz Trigo, seated at the terrace of her home around nine thirty or ten o'clock at night, saw burnished aluminum object resembling a Cordoban hat traveling at some sixty meters over the ground in a north-south direction before vanishing behind some housing blocks at this location. However, the strangest case that occurred around this time was in Málaga, specifically on February 3, 1966.

Trinidad Gómez Sánchez was getting ready for bed after having done her house chores. Only minutes before going to bed at around twelve thirty at night, she went out to her yard to check the doors and take a look at her plants. Nothing abnormal, purely routine activity at the moment. However, unable to explain how it happened, a strange being suddenly appeared in her yard (an inner courtyard with no access to the street). The creature was very thin, lean, long-haired and scarcely one meter tall. Its hair looked like that of a newborn child and it did not utter a word. Ms. Gomez fled the courtyard, calling for help. She was never able to explain the sensation caused by this strange apparition.

Something very similar occurred to Manuel Hernández in Córdoba on May 16, 1966. He was returning from the countryside in the vicinity of Mezquita. A hundred meters from where he stood, he saw a disc-shaped object land and disgorge small beings resembling "green birds". After wandering around the craft for a few moments, they re-entered it and it took off again.

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Ignacio Darnaude]