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Colombia: Photographer Captures Alleged UFO over Bogotá

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Date: April 20, 2015

Colombia: Photographer Captures Alleged UFO over Bogotá
By Luis Jimenez (

A photographer named Richard Emblin, who is also the editor of the only English-language newspaper (“The City Paper”) distributed in the Colombian capital city, Bogotá, managed to photograph a UFO in the city’s skies with a Nikon 300s.

According to Emblin in the Mirror (article by Laura Connor), the object is a somewhat blurry figure 8 that moved through the skies of the capital and which he could see from his place of residence.

“I did not hoax my photo. On Sunday, April 12, I went out to my balcony, which faces to the east. It was a grey Sunday morning. The streets were empty and washed by the slight drizzle that had fallen overnight. When I looked up, I saw an object rising vertically skyward, behind the crest of the Cerros Orientales,” he added.

Richard Emblin, who is also a journalist, has published his work in prestigious media such as TIME magazine and the New York Times, among others. He believes this could harm his reputation, but he says, however, that his sighting did not resemble an airplane in the least.
“It wasn’t a single object – it looked like two. I was able to see the object changed shape. It could rise and descend quickly and go from one end of the city to another in seconds. The black spot appeared to have rings. Then it tilted, moved sideways and disappeared,” he adds.

Emblin asks his readers to draw their own conclusions, as he does not endeavor to convince anyone. He simply witnessed something mysterious over the Colombian capital.

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