Thursday, April 09, 2015

Cryptozoology: Argentina's Nahuelito Comes Up for Air and Planeta UFO
Date: 04.09.15 (event on 20 Feb 2015)

Cryptozoology: Argentina's Nahuelito Comes Up for Air

"It was as large as a person"

Nestor González Villareal submitted the photo taken on 20 February 2015 at 07:45 a.m. in the lagoon located only meters from the Argentinean customs checkpoint at the Cardenal Samoré crossing.

Nestor traveled with his family - all from the city of Coronel Pringles, Province of Buenos Aires. They were in San Martín de los Andes and decided to cross over into Chile. Early in the morning, while waiting for the immigration offices to open their doors, the man remarked that at that very moment: "My wife, her son and his girlfriend got out of the car. I stayed in the car with my wife's daughter. They approached the lagoon and said: "Look! A water skiier." I replied: "That's impossible at this time."

It was Rafael Olmos who took the photo with a Samsung-brand cellphone, explained the tourist to El Cordillerano. Nestor explained that after the photo was taken, "the creature disappeared, and I told my wife's son that he had just taken a photo of Nahuelito."

"You can see that it was traveling with some speed, judging by the edges of the wake it left in the water," adding, "it was really a neck and a head, and what was visible was about the size of a person, some two hundred meters (650 feet) distant.

Nestor said the following regarding the remarks made by readers of the on-line edition. "Without wanting to get into an argument about it, I know what a huala (the Chilean great Grebe, podiceps major- SC) after having seen them in several lakes of the cordillera and this wasn't one. All you see is a cylindrical body that emerges, ending in a head that imitates a cobra about to strike. It also displaces a good amount of water due to its size. If it was the animal in question, the nape of its neck isn't so voluminous and its back would be visible. Regards."

[NOTE: This alleged sighting of the elusive lacustrine cryptid did not occur at Lake Nahuel Huapi proper, but in a lake visible from the Cardinal Samoré checkpoint, possibly Lago Constancia, although the article does not say so. The great Lake Puyuhue is on the Chilean side of the border, suggesting perhaps a connection between the bodies of water in the "lake district", which are numerous. One wonders whether volcanic activity in this part of the Andes has disturbed creatures that may dwell in the lake bottoms, as the eruption of the Puyehue Volcano on June 4, 2011 was strong enough to send clouds of ash as far as Melbourne, Australia -- SC]

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]