Thursday, April 09, 2015

Paraguay: Woman Claims Having Given Birth to "El Pombero's" Baby

Source: El Norte (Paraguay)Resistencia - Provincia del Chaco (Argentina)
Date: 04.09.2015

[Readers of INEXPLICATA will recall our colleague Andrés Salvador's masterful essay on the cryptozoological wonders of Argentina "Mythical Beings in the Creole Culture of the Argentinean Littoral" ( and the figure of "El Pombero". Today he shares with us a newspaper account of alleged cryptid carnality from the Republic of Paraguay - SC]

Paraguay: Woman Claims Having Given Birth to "El Pombero's" Baby

San Pedro (Paraguay) - It was one of those news items with everything in it. A woman gave birth to a strange creature in Colonia Santa Clara, Liberación District, Department of San Pedro, having been completely unaware of her pregnancy and showing no signs whatsoever. Furthermore, she adds that for over a year now, she has been pursued by a strange black figure - the Pombero itself.

The event caused consternation in the community of Santa Clara. The woman, whose name is Rosalía Suárez, 24, gave birth to the strange creature last Sunday, explaining that she had had a normal menstrual cycle with no signs of pregnancy beyond a sharp pain in her stomach.

For this reason, she asked her sister-in-law Andrea Villanueva to take her somewhere for help. At that moment, however, she went into labor. Both women realized that a strange entity was emerging, causing them great fear, according to poor Rosalía. Andrea said the creature was born alive and lived for some seven hours, during which time it cried in a strange way, similar to the meowing or mewling of a cat.

Rosalía admitted that for over a year she has been pursued by a strange creature she identified as El Pombero. Several times during the night, she would wake up in bed unclothed, recalling that on one instance she had fallen asleep holding on to her young daughter, only to awaken and find the child on another bed, and herself unclothed.

Pablino Villanueva, Rosalía's husband, explained that they were a rather poor family with three young children. He stated that his wife had been pursued by a strange creature for a long time and "she told me on many occasions that it would strip her naked. This Sunday we saw the strange black entity under the eaves of the house and could not see it well due to the darkness, making us suspect that it is El Pombero."

Neighbors and family members gave the newborn creature a Christian burial in the back yard of the property, praying to God for its rest.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Andrés Salvador]