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Chile: UFO Expert Explains Strange Events Following Natural Disasters

Source: and Planeta UFO
Date: April 28, 2015

Chile: UFO Expert Explains Strange Events Following Natural Disasters

There is a government agency in Chile in which Air Force officers play a role, exclusively devoted to verifying and stating whether certain strange phenomena recorded in the skies are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or not. It is called CEFAA (Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos). An advisor to this organization, Major Rodrigo Bravo, granted an exclusive to Publimetro to dispel some doubts regarding the situation that occurred during the eruption of the Calbuco Volcano, where people saw a luminous object that supposedly could not be explained.

"We must part from a very simple assumption: whenever natural phenomena occur, people see an anomalous situation in the sky, lights or a star moving oddly, and it is immediately associated with UFOS," states Major Bravo. "In fact, when this occurs, we can speak of UFOs, as strictly speaking the definition of this acronym is Unidentified Flying Object. However, in these times the word has become so devalued that whenever we speak of a UFO, people associate it with some kind of extraterrestrial life."

In this regard, the major says that this notion is error and "has brought great harm to the term." In fact, he says that when an object cannot be identified and is declared to be a UFO, this does not imply that "we are speaking about some sort of intelligent life from beyond our planet. All we are saying is that it is an object that cannot be identified. That is all."

The specialist adds: "There are many people who say extraterrestrial beings are behind every natural disaster. During the eruption of the Villarica Volcano, they said a UFO had appeared. The same occurred with the Norte disaster. Many people claimed seeing extraterrestrials emerging from the Calbuco region during the 2010 earthquake. There is considerable disinformation about this."

Therefore, he explains that one of his functions is to deny all of this. "We are clear that this will always occur. But I want to make it clear that whenever UFOs are mentioned, you should not picture extraterrestrials. This is harmful and only results in disinformation," says the major.

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Jaime Liencura M. (Publimetro) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)]