Monday, June 01, 2015

Mexico: Yucatán "Repeater" Has Five UFO Encounters

Source: Planeta UFO and SIPSE
Date: May 29, 2015

Mexico: Yucatán "Repeater" Has Five UFO Encounters

Jorge Moreno/ SIPSE - MERIDA, Yucatan - Today I am sharing with you the case of Manuel Gonzalez, who had several UFO sightings when he worked for a soda company and had to travel the roads of the country's southeastern region on a daily basis.

"The truth is that I've always been skeptical. I've never seen anything involving ghosts, but I can surely tell you that I've seen UFOs. I'm currently retired, but for over 30 years I drove the roads of Yucatan and Quintana Roo and Tabasco for work related reasons, and I saw the craft of beings from other worlds on at least five occasions."

He adds: "My first experience, and the one I'd like to share, happened in 1989, in the month of July. It was a Saturday. I remember it well because the Yucatán Venados were going to play the Second Division finals to reach the highest level, and I was angry, because I had to make a last-minute trip to Chetumal and was no longer able to go to the game. Nothing happened on the outward trip, but on the way back, my co-worker and I experienced something I'll never forget.

"We were already in Yucatán, and we were about to reach Tekax when I suddenly saw a bright light in front of us, like a car shining its high beams at us. It was more or less 100 meters away. We were flashing it with our own lights, but then we saw the light veer off to the right, as if going into the wilderness. We thought the car or truck had overturned and slowed down to see if they needed help. To our surprise, we saw nothing at all, and there wasn't any street or little trail through which it could have vanished. It didn't make any noise either.

"Minutes later, when we had driven no more than five kilometers, I saw that light again, but this time it was behind us, and to our amazement, it began to rise until it vanished into the heavens. We both saw it, so I'm certain it wasn't a hallucination. I still find it hard to believe today, but my eyes did not deceive me, “he explained.

Other Witnesses

"When I brought this up to my co-workers, some of them explained that they had already had similar experiences in that segment of the road, but preferred to keep quiet to avoid scorn.

"But the story of my UFO encounters doesn't end there. In the late '90s I ran into some strange lights in the Mérida-Tizimín road in the vicinity of the community of Chenché de las Torres. There was a clearing at the time that allowed for a view of the whole landscape, as the grass wasn't that tall. That's where I saw four lights in a straight line before they suddenly split. At first I thought it was a plane, but after the lights separated I realized this couldn't be the case, as it made no noise whatsoever.

"I was lucky to see it, because I had pulled my truck over to clean the windshield by hand, as the wipers had broken. I think that if I hadn't stopped, I would've never realized it. I wasn't afraid. I just felt helpless because I was alone and aware that no one would believe what I saw.

"More recently, in the years 2005, 2010, 2011, I also had similar - but less startling - experiences. The last of them was on the Chelem-Chuburná Puerto Road. I was with my family, heading toward a vacation home we had rented, and we suddenly saw a strange blue light out at sea. It rose quickly before vanishing, zig-zagging on several occasions. My wife, my two grown sons and my daughter-in-law saw it.

"The last one I'd like to share with you happened in my in-laws' country home in Buctotz. I didn't see it, but they tell me that on one occasion, when many people discussed the presence of UFOs, they saw a light shining part of their home at low altitude, and they say it wasn't a helicopter of the kind equipped with a searchlight. They also saw it had the classic flying saucer shape."

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Jorge Moreno (SIPSE) and Guillermo Gimenez (Planeta UFO)]