Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Argentina: "Cattle Mutilations are Caused by UFOs"

Source: Nuevo Diario Web & Planeta UFO
Date: 09.09.2015

Argentina: "Cattle Mutilations Are Caused by UFOs"

Expert rejects "red muzzled mouse" explanation put forth by SENASA in 2002

Mario Zain Pinto has a lot of information on UFOs.

After the events that shook the interior of Santiago, resulting from the discovery of mutilated animals, Mario Zain Pinto, a scholar of quantum physics and a UFO enthusiast, explained to Nuevo Diario that "it has been proven all over the world that animal mutilations are caused by these flying objects. Everything else (The Almamula, Chupacabras, etc.) are old tales. The problem is that no one wants to talk because they're scared."

He stated that mutilations have particular characteristics that allow them to be determined as UFOs. "They drill an hole (on the animals),draw all of their blood, and that's why they say it’s the Chupacabras, but the fact is not a single trace is left. For a winged creature to be able to absorb so many animals, it would have to be an enormous creature, and no one has seen that. It's all stories."

"We have to start by acknowledging that this is real, that animal mutilations are occurring more frequently all over the world, and that the sightings and experiences that aviators have had with such objects occur everywhere," Pinto explained.

Furthermore, he maintains that behind the cover-up of this information "there are many vested interests coming from such countries as Russia and the United States," adding: "The fact is that there are many mutilations in Santiago with the same characteristics."

He recalls that the greatest proof of the existence of UFOs occurred during 2002, due to the discovery of mutilated animals through the country, and sightings by some people also substantiated this. It was then that UBA [University of Buenos Aires] and the SENASA reported that the red muzzled mouse was responsible for it all, a rodent able to terminate entire herds of cows.

In this regard, Pinto says: "It was a mockery," adding that "no one saw or knows about the red muzzled mouse, and mutilation cases were studied very responsibly in Santiago del Estero. Heat and magnetic readings of the ground were taken, determining that alterations were tremendous in a circle surrounding the mutilated carcasses. They also ascertained that 'rigor mortis' -- a logical thing in any dead creature - was not present. No traces were found, not even birds of prey animals would come close." Finally, he asked: "There are so many galaxies. Don't you find it foolish to think the Chupacabras or the Almamula is responsible?"

To remedy the harm these flying objects cause to rural residents of our province, Pinto proposes creating a civil agency jointly with the National University of Santiago del Estero, and with military support as much as possible, "much like those that have existed for a long time now in other countries like Brazil and Chile, and like we have to a certain degree in the Argentinean provinces, like CEFORA (Comisión de Estudios OVNI Republica Argentina)."

This is necessary - he says - not only to follow-up and research these phenomena, but also "to hold chats, evaluate and certify the damage done, and see in what ways we can set the affected parties at ease."

The researcher stated that in the context of his presentation, and in order to bring this about, the most important thing "is financial assistance throughout the country, a subsidy law for verified cases (of UFO-related cattle mutilation)." Finally, he observed that these phenomena occur in rural areas and the facts are not scrutinized in detail.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Nuevo Diario Web and Planeta UFO]