Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Argentina: Dead Cow in a Pasture is a Source of Mystery

Source: El Doce (Argentina)
Date: 09.09.2015

Argentina: Dead Cow in a Pasture is a Source of Mystery

The event took place in El Quebracho, near Rio Tercero. There are no signs of blood or decomposition in the wounds. Other animals panic when they approach the carcass.

The cow's remains were a cause for stupefaction in the vicinity of El Quebracho. Photos arrived at the FM Sol Radio station in Rio Tercero via Whatsapp and were a cause for bemusement. "This happened in a field owned by my parents, near El Quebracho. In the early morning hours of Friday (09.04.15) the cows and horses ran nervously back to the barn. Dogs belonging to the watchman who looks after the property started barking until daybreak," said one listener's message.

"In the morning, the watchman surveyed the property, saw that one animal was missing, got on his horse and went after it," the story continues. "Just 300 meters from the dead animal's location, the horse refused to go any further, became very nervous and returned to the homestead."

"The farmhand went over to the animal and found that it was missing all of its tongue, jaw, an eye and an ear. There were no traces of blood or signs of decomposition, there was no odor and the carrion birds will not eat it," he explained."Three days have elapsed and the carcass is intact. Many think it's the work of the Chupacabras. Can it be true? Does it bite? or does it use a scalpel to make such exact incisions? I'm bringing this up in case there are more cases in the area."

It didn't take long for other similar stories to appear. Dozens of radio listeners joined the debate. The fact is that beyond the questions raised by such cases, the photographs are hair-raising.

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[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]