Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chile: The Constitución Ambulance "Time Slip" (1983)

[From the files of Chilean UFO researcher Liliana Núñez Orellana]

Chile: The Constitución Ambulance “Time Slip” (1983)
By Marino Magallanes Mar

Sighting in: 7th Region of the Maule
Locality: Road from Constitución to San Javier
Date: March 28, 1983 – 0400 hours
Witnesses: Mr. Aquiles González, driver of the Constitución Hospital ambulance
Paramedic: Ms. Rosita Cancino
Assistant: Mr. Miguel Yáñez

A Journey from Constitución to Talca With a Seriously Ill Male Patient:
In the vicinity of the road known as Piedra del Baño, a UFO appeared from the south, looking at first like a large yellow light. Upon approaching the ambulance, it was seen to have the shape of an inverted saucer bowl (classic flying saucer shape), but upon more detained examination, it was determined that its shape was really that of a cigar, not very clear due to the powerful light emitted by this UFO. It light up the area over 100 meters around, giving the impression that it was a clear, cloudless day. Nocturnal insects could be clearly seen. The UFO began circling the ambulance, placing itself both at its sides, behind it and in front of it. Driver Aquiles Gonzalez reduced his speed considerably, fearing a possible collision with the UFO. He dropped from 120 kmh to a hundred, slowing down even further to 70 kmh and less.

The patient’s serious condition was causing him to drive at 120 kmh. A speed similar to that of the ambulance was calculated for the UFO, and a length of 35 to 40 meters more or less. According to ambulance personnel, the UFO appeared to be solid at its core. It performed incredible maneuvers; all of its turns were either in straight or sharp angles. However, its maneuvers in the skies of the Maule appeared to be curvilinear.

Aquiles Gonzalez, the driver, feared that he would crash with the UFO many times, being forced to lower his speed even more. The ambulance’s headlights and parking lights remained on. There was no alteration or damage to the vehicle’s electrical or lighting system. Both the low-and-high beams were no comparison to the light issuing from the UFO. The ambulance crew was very frightened, particularly paramedic Rosita Cancino. Mr. Gonzalez was able to overcome his fear considerable. He told me: “I braced myself for what could happen, but I had to get my patient to the Talca Hospital alive.”

They spoke little for the rest of the journey. They thought that doing so would cause the UFO to reappear. The UFO did not change colors at any moment during its orbits around the ambulance – its hue remained between yellow and very bright white. They did not discuss the sighting upon reaching Talca, fearful of mockery by the duty staff at the hospital, but they did notice the time on the clock in Talca.

The UFO did not leave a wake as it flew. The UFO approached the road surface several times ahead of the vehicle, coming to between 3 and 5 meters above the ground. The pavement of the road linking Constitución with San Javier and later on with Talca is of the highest quality. Ambient temperature increased noticeably, with Aquiles noting that such a heat was unusual at that time of the morning, but this could have been brought on by the state of his nerves. All of the UFOs maneuvers were silent (Paramedic Rosita Cancino will have to describe her own nervous and physical problems in person). Something very strange happened with the time it took for Aquiles’s ambulance to cover the distance from Constitución to Talca.

Journeys with gravely ill patients take approximately an hour and twenty minutes. In this case, the trip only took 50 minutes, timed by the mechanical wristwatches of the ambulance staff, despite having had to slow down and dodge the UFO for some 15 to 20 minutes for over 15 kilometers. When [the UFO] vanished, it did so at tremendous speed toward the Andean Range, vanishing in little over 4 seconds.

I am attaching a scaled map of the area from Constitución to the Andean Range. All of the points indicated have been visited by UFOs. As you can see, time shrank for us.

[Note: the author goes on to cite the “Vuelta a America del Sur” Rally incident of 1978 by way of comparison. Interested readers can visit http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2014/01/argentina-police-report-documents-1978.html for a detailed article on this case, quoting police records.]

[Translation © 2015 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Liliana Núñez Orellana