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Chile: Alleged Humanoids Reported in Southern Chile - a Strange and Disturbing Report

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Date: 02.11.2016

CHILE: Alleged Humanoids Reported in Southern Chile - a Strange and Disturbing Report

Strange entities standing between 2.5 to 3 meters tall have supposedly been seen by locals in recent years.

The "Lo que habita en las sombras" (What Dwells in the Shadows) YouTube broadcast published only days ago a strange case with paranormal overtones involving two siblings in the southern reaches of our country on December 16 [2015]. A young student identified a Miguel, 24, who studies at a college in Concepcion, went back to his home located in a rural sector of the Araucania Region to spend the years ‘end holidays with his family.

Only recently arrived, Miguel joined his brother Patricio, 14, on a bicycle trip through the neighboring woods on a particularly hot afternoon. An hour into the trip, they hid their bicycles in a bush to venture into the woods, looking for one of the many streams in the area to cool off. After finding the watering hole and resting for a few hours in the bucolic location, Miguel suggested that they head back home, as it was growing dark. However, when they retraced their steps down the same path they had taken, the siblings heard a strange sound behind them, similar to that of two stones crashing. When they turned around, they were startled to see two allegedly humanoid creatures staring at them fixedly. According to the description given, the beings stood three meters tall had long arms and a terrifying look to their features, highlighting a disproportionate mouth size. Their bodies, aside from being covered by what appeared to be tight green overalls, gave off a very intense aura of heat, similar to the sensation felt by standing next to an oven or campfire.

Miguel said that the strong impression made him stumble, falling backward to the ground, while his younger brother started sobbing, paralyzed by fear. With a great effort, after Miguel took his brother by the arm, both fled the scene, feeling the two strange beings in pursuit. However, the episode did not end there. After returning home and telling their mother what had happened, the same sound was heard outside. When Miguel looked through the window, he saw the two figures watching the house intently. The entities inspected the area for considerable time before vanishing into the forest.

This unusual account brings to mind a rather similar one recorded on 27 February 2010 (the same date as the devastating earthquake in central and southern Chile) at Cobquecura Beach in the country's 8th Region. As a homeowner identified as Carmen Carmona told the press: "At around 6:45 a.m., when I was opening the gate of my summer home, I decided to look at the ocean. At that same moment, three creatures appeared, heading into the sea. I called my husband and my sister, asking them if they were seeing what I was seeing. They said yes. We found it odd that someone would be on the beach at that time, since the entire town had taken to the hills because the authorities had given evacuation orders due to a possible tsunami. When we saw them, we noticed they were very tall, standing some 2.5 meters, were thin, and had a shiny dark blue color. We were very frightened, but my nephew happened to arrive at that moment and took us to a higher section of the city. What's odd is that a month before this incident, we saw a powerful light amid the mountains which illuminated our cabin almost completely."

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