Sunday, April 03, 2016

Argentina: A First-Person UFO Sighting

Argentina: A First-Person UFO Sighting
By Quique Mario, CEUFO

A UFO of striking characteristics was seen today, Thursday, April 1, at 12:36 hours in the vicinity of the intersection of Routes 7 and 10 in the Province of La Pampa. Other potential witnesses are asked to contact CEUFO ( in order to determine a possible landing site.

The title of this report implies that as a researcher and student of the phenomenon, I was the privileged witness to an event of extraordinary characteristics and in spite of my experience [in the field], I understand what an eyewitness means when he or she claims having observed “something hard to describe.”

Today, at the indicated time, we were driving along Route 7 in a North-South direction and at 100 meters from the intersection with Route 10, while the driver paid attention to the crossing in the event other vehicles were in transit. I traveled as a passenger in the front seat and I was startled by something descending from the sky in a South-North direction, flying slowly and changing direction, giving the impression that it was about to land. It continued its maneuvers and disappeared behind a curtain of trees.


The skies were overcast with slight drizzle, meaning that the “ceiling” did not exceed 200 meters. A slight wind displaced the lower cloud mass westward, while “the object” broke away from within the clouds to begin a rhythmic descent in a direction contrary to the cloud displacement. Its size was greater than a conventional passenger airliner, which gives an idea as to the magnitude of the observation and the spectacle I was able to witness for a brief period of time, which I believe did not exceed 3 seconds.

The object in question was round and of a greyish color similar to that of the clouds themselves, with a round dome in its middle of a darker grey hue. Its rounded shape was perfectly silhouetted against the cloud and it gave the sensation of breaking away from the clouds with a cadenced descent, assuming a 45 degree position with regard to the horizontal line of the ground. Upon commencing its descent, it executed the maneuver smoothly, always descending, as if choosing where it would land.

When I reacted and alerted my traveling companions, they regretted not having witnessed the spectacle because Chango, the driver, was mindful of the intersection and Mauro, in the back seat, saw nothing abnormal. When we approached the tree line behind which the object would have descended, we readied our photographic cameras but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The rain and flooded terrain kept us from doing anything more than watching.

Experience brought to mind a series of cases that occurred years ago in the region to which I shall make reference in subsequent reports. In my next communication I shall attach a drawing of the UFO I witnessed.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Quique Mario]