Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Argentina: Animal Mutilations and Two Strange Beings in La Pampa

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Popular
Date: 12.19.2016
Article by Pachi LaFata for Diario Popular

Argentina: Animal Mutilations and Two Strange Beings in La Pampa

The event took place 35 kilometers from Rio Colorado. Witnesses opened fire but the creatures fled. The following are the facts of this chilling episode.

Ufologists referred to it as a "perfect cattle mutilation case", involving 13 specimens. It took place weeks ago in the Pampan locality of Rio Colorado, but that was not all. Making the rounds of the fields, farmhands came across two strange beings - one smaller, the other taller. As a result of the panic, the witnesses opened fire against them, but rounds had no effect on the creatures, which fled.

The area has been a land of mystery when it comes to the subject of dissected animals. In 2002, during the heyday of the cattle mutilation epidemic, the case involving the city of La Adela broke the mold with an episode involving over 40 dead and mutilated animals in a single field.

According to reports arising from an investigation by the VISION OVNI group, the event took place in this instance at a field near Route 154, a little more than 35 kilometers from Rio Colorado, the gateway to Patagonia, and 35 kilometers distant from La Adela in La Pampa. "Around August 9 [2016] during the night, the farmhands of the property witnessed a series of lights in the fields. Thinking cattle rustlers were involved, they headed in that direction with their weapons in an effort to catch the prowlers in the act. Upon reaching the site, they didn't find the lights, but instead came across a number of dead and mutilated animals, with perfect incisions in their jaws and hindquarters. They had already seen similar cases in 2002, and were surprised that no answer had ever been found for these incidents," reads the group's report.

Just as they thought the strange events were over, one of the farmhands -- according to sources -- came face to face with two beings, one smaller and another taller. The farmhands opened fire out of fear, not sure if they had struck their intended targets. "According to our sources, the witnesses remarked: 'the fellows say the saw a small creature and then a taller one and fired at them. They had scaly backs and ugly grey faces."

The following morning, one of the employees went out to survey the fields to see the place where the events occurred in closer detail. He found the smaller of the two beings around 9 a.m. He abandoned the field and went to town, refusing to return to work. He even asked to have his belongings brought to him because he doesn't want to return to the estate for anything in the world. The livestock property's owner (whose identity is being kept confidential) is being tight-lipped about these occurrences and has installed security cameras all over the farm's perimeter with the aim of securing evidence of who or what is behind these deaths."

SENASA is taking part in the investigation with the police, which is also being secretive about the case. However, it emerged that they found prints on the ground that were retrieved for investigation. These prints were found at 10-meter intervals, suggesting that the creature was able to hop or jump this distance.

While official versions of the event maintain that 13 animals were found mutilated in the Rio Colorado property, unofficial estimates place the deaths at 40. This would place the case at the top of the records for this year. VISION OVNI began its research activities in 1991 in Victoria, Entre Rios, Argentina. "Our goal is to disseminate case histories and research on the UFO phenomenon with the utmost seriousness and only with the truth about the countless cases that have occurred," noted the researchers.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez (Planeta UFO) and Pachi LaFata (Diario Popular)]