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Argentina: An Interview with Ventura Maceiras in 1971?

Argentina: An Interview with Ventura Maceiras in 1971?

Background Information: "On Saturday, December 30, 1972, Ventura Maceiras, the 73-year-old watchman of a property located in the Angel Cabañas Municipal Park of Tres Arroyos, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), was calmly sipping tea one evening when a brilliantly illuminated object appeared out of nowhere in a nearby clearing. He could make out the forms of two beings clearly within the glowing object, and with the rustic courtesy of the gaucho, Maceiras proffered his cup of "mate" – the traditional Argentinean infusion – to the new arrivals. His cat, having just given birth to litter of kittens, ran away from the unnatural light, forsaking her young. Events following the apparition of the alien craft proceeded quickly. Maceiras saw the beings depart in a flash of light, and immediately began to feel ill, with slight vomiting and incontinence. Strange tendrils of fine, thread-like material (a form of Morgellon’s Disease?) streamed from his eyes and his blood cell count dropped precipitously. Researchers were startled to find that fish in an adjacent pond had died of unknown causes. Maceiras's cat returned, displaying patches of burnt fur as if from extreme heat, and would later die mysteriously, along with Maceiras’s dog, who is seldom mentioned in the numerous retellings of the case. But a totally unforeseen event began to transpire: Maceiras began to acquire thoughts foreign to his experience and meager education. He was able to discuss the finer points of history, philosophy, medicine and astronomy with experts come from the capital to see him. To the amazement of his attending physicians, Maceiras was growing a new set of teeth. It should be noted, however, that subsequent investigations called into question the dental development and the alleged improvement to his eyesight."

Our colleagues Guillermo Giménez of Planeta UFO and researcher Carlos Sainz have provided a fascinating document: a news report by Bahia Blanca’s Channel 9 showing an interview allegedly from 1971 by Jose Roman Cachero, a respected TV journalist from with an older man who goes unidentified in the video, but who could well be Ventura Maceiras one year prior to his history-making UFO Experience. If it is indeed Maceiras? Does it suggest that he had an earlier encounter with the unknown?

The video can be seen at https://youtu.be/ySYsvYEKzvA
The transcription is from 00:50 minutes to 01:59 minutes of the original. The remainder of the video is a tribute to the Dionisio Llanca abduction case.

Maceiras: It came down from the sky, softly, with a buzzing sound. A strange soft buzzing, very perceptible, and it came down, and it slid its feet, didn't lift them too much, almost dragging them.
Interviewer: So he sat beside you and spoke to you? To show you stuff?
Maceiras: Yes. I offered him a little footstool, but he refused it. He chose a taller stool, and that's when I realized that he had a very long pistol at his side.
Interviewer: what was the man like, physically?
Maceiras: He was taller than me, slightly more elongated face --
Interviewer: Did he have hair?
Maceiras: Yes, yes he had hair.
Interviewer: So a normal being, then.
Maceiras: Yes, his hair looked like silky wood.
Interviewer: What were his eyes like?
Maceiras: Elongated, really slanted. I don't know, I've never seen that sort of person before. I’ve seen that in Turkish women (*) I'd seen it before.
Interviewer: And what language did he speak?
Maceiras: Castilian, a rough sort of Castillian. There were many words I was unable to understand. Out of every twenty words there were a few I found hard.
Interviewer: Did you shake hands?
Maceiras: Yes, he held out his hand when he showed up.
Interviewer: What did it feel like?
Maceiras: Like a sort of "kick"
Interviewer: A hot hand?
Maceiras: No, no - the hand wasn't hot. It was a very smooth hand, very soft, but it gave me a sort of "kick".

(*) It is interesting to note that Antonio Villas Boas made a similar remark during the interviews regarding his sexual experiences aboard an unknown craft. He stated the following during the interview conducted by Dr. Olavo T. Fontes on February 22, 1958 and witnessed by journalist Joao Martins: Her eyes were blue and large, more narrow than round and slanted outward--like the pencil-painted eyes of those girls who fancy themselves Arabian princesses and make their eyes look slanted; that's what they were like. Only it was a completely natural effect, since there was no paint at all involved."

Carlos Sainz had the following to say about this remarkable recording: “[Maceiras] goes unnamed in the video. In fact, the date provided is 1971. In my opinion, this is an oversight of the tape, of the news program itself, considering that their intention was to “recover old file material”. The TV channel is from Bahía Blanca, near Tres Arroyos, where the Maceiras case occurred. If you contrast it with other photos of Maceiras, the image on the tape is practically identical, as well as the way in which he expresses himself. Part of what he is telling the journalist matches what was described in other articles and told to other reporters at the time. Personally, I’m sure it’s him.”