Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Argentina: Seven Friends Break Pact of Silence to Disclose Alien Contact

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Popular
Date: 12.09.2016
Article by Pachi La Fata

Argentina: Seven Friends Break Pact of Silence to Disclose Alien Contact

**They rented a farm on the outskirts of Neuquen and experienced a weekend of horrors***

The history was kept secret by an agreement between the witnesses. Seven people went through the most unbelievable - and terrifying - ordeal of their lives. They are speaking openly about it today, while concealing their identities. It happened in Neuquen last July during the course of a friendly weekend get-together, as they had not seen each other for a long time. Between them all they rented a quinta (farm) to enjoy unending food and conversation. But this was all changed as a result of mysterious events that included lights that invaded the premises, impressive noises and unexplained, illogical situations.

Alberto is one of the friends. He is 45, a professor at a school in the locality of Ciudad Evita. He doesn't believe in UFOS, aliens, or anything similar. Now he does. "We were stunned. We discussed it amongst ourselves, by phone or Facebook. We're a group of friends yearning to get together, having known each other since childhood. We attended school together or shared activities. Life led us along different paths later on. But a chain was formed, it grew, and one day we decided to get together and do something. That's where we got the idea to rent a farm for a weekend in Neuquén. The idea was to catch up with our life stories and eat a lot. We never imagined what would happen. I am telling you this with their permission," the witness told Mas Alla del Misterio.

The plan was solidified after much ado. "It was in July. I got there by plane, and we all met up. We chose a dwelling with several rooms and a big yard. Obviously, we purchased a lot of roasts and bottles of wine. We started out with a huge dinner, many hugs, anecdotes, laughter, some sad stories involving those who were no longer with us. A wonderful day as it went along. In the afternoon we drank mate and we even set up a foosball table. Night fell. We discussed what to eat and settled on beer and pizza. We ordered, it came, and everything was perfect, just as we'd planned," Alberto said.

Around 23:00 hours, some of the friends went to their rooms to sleep. Others stayed in bed, talking. "We were tired but happy. That's when all this stuff we cannot explain started to occur. The first thing that happened was the arrival of a massive light that flooded absolutely everything. The house had large windows with thick glass and curtains. Light was filtering in everywhere, even under the main door. We couldn't understand it," says the man.

Astonishment seized the group. The powerful light was soon joined by a tremendous noise none of them had ever heard before. "The noise was extremely odd. Like a whistling, a buzzing. We think it may have been a machine, but nothing we had ever experienced before. This was the situation. We were inside, with a light outside that flooded absolutely everything, and the strange unending noise. We tried looking out, but the brightness didn't allow us to see anything. We grew nervous, and fear soon manifested itself. But we didn't know what to do. No one was willing to go out," Alberto explained.

"Everything became very strange. I'm not sure how long this situation lasted, ten minutes perhaps. Suddenly, the noise began to disappear until everything became quiet. But the light remained steady. I think this was precisely to keep us from going outside. We exchanged glances. Suddenly other sounds began drifting in from the outside. Truly inexplicable. I cannot describe them. A mixture of metallic sounds, but that doesn't explain the either. Almost simultaneously, a wind whipped up inside the house, with no reason, shaking the curtains, the lights. The door starting to make a noise, squeaking. The windows too," added the witness.

Amid this chilling scenario, one of the friends suggested they leave the habitation's main room. "Let's go to the largest bedroom," he said. All agreed. "We felt we shouldn't be where we were, that we could not remain there. We locked ourselves into that room and spent the entire night inside. Every so often we'd hear noises. Finally, at dawn, we went outside with trepidation. The house curtains were slashed in two, almost neatly. So were the plates on the table. Only their circumference was left," he said.

Alberto finally stated: "None of us can explain this, whether aliens or something else was involved. Nothing." He added that "we all want to tell the story, but it is likely that we'll be taken for madmen, even though we're coming forward now, because we're sure that we aren't the only ones who went through a similar experience."

A CE-3K?

During conversations following the event, the friends put forth a number of theories. Overall, they believe it was a close encounter of the third kind with some sort of alien craft, which manifested at the site to do something they're unsure of. "They were around several hours. We know something came inside while we were locked in the room. We spoke about the curtains the plates. They took the circles from the base of the plates, leaving only their circumference. These were perfect circles. No noise, nothing. A mystery." Alberto further added: "Some of us haven't even told what happened to our relatives. This isn't my case - I have sufficient trust in my loved ones, and I did so with considerable detail. In fact, they supported me when started to consider the possibility of sharing the story with Diario Popular." In this regard "we hope to understand a little more; we're all a bit obsessed."

Like in the Movies, But Without Signs

The descriptions of the event in the Neuquén farm have points of similarity with entire scenes from the movie "Signs", especially at the start, when a family goes through a moment of panic before aliens arrive at their home. "We discussed it, it matches the movie. The only thing is that there was nothing outside. We toured the premises to make sure and no trace whatsoever was to be found. It's all so strange. Local residents say they saw nothing at all."

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Pachi La Fata (Diario Popular)