Saturday, January 07, 2017

Perú: Unidentified Flying Object at Pampa Galeras

Source: Alex Sender (ASTROUFO) and Planeta UFO
Date: January 7, 2017
Blog entry by Alex Sender

Perú: Unidentified Flying Object at Pampa Galeras

This photograph was taken last August (2016) by my friend Victor Velasquez, a respected biologist and anomalies investigator, at Pampa Galeras, a wildlife preserve in the heights of Ayacucho, 4000 meters above sea level, on the road linking the cities of Puquio and Nazca (Ica).

Víctpr was engaged in field work that evening, taking advantage of the location's conditions to take photos of the night sky. He would be greatly surprised later, when reviewing the photos taken that night, becoming aware of the presence of a strange, orange-hued, disk shaped object.

An analysis performed on the original photo file (taken with a Canon EOS 60D) clearly shows a disk-shaped object with a smooth surface, having a flattened base within, and a brightly-glowing core. It should be noted that this part of the Andean Zone bordering Nazca and Puquio has been noted for a number of UFO reports.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Alex Sender and Víctor Velásquez]