Friday, January 06, 2017

Puerto Rico: Strange Creature Photographed in Guayama

Source: Facebook
Date: 01/06/2017

Puerto Rico: Strange Creature Photographed in Guayama, Puerto Rico
By José Pérez

This photo was sent to our electronic mailbox without further information. The same was taken on Monday December 25, 2016 at 10:31 p.m., in the Villodas sector of the town of Guayama, Puerto Rico, the same place where in 2013 were reported mysterious mutilations of animals.

In it can be seen what appears to be the dark figure, a hairy creature in front of a drying clothesline. The figure seems to be large.

In the photo above the following comment appears.

"I just saw this at home eating a chicken"

The person, for some reason that we do not know, erased the same a few hours after having published them.

We have no more information about it and prefer to keep the identity of the person anonymous until we can corroborate the veracity of the photo and complement it with the witness's account.

At the moment it continues under the research status.

We want to clarify, that we do not know that it is the figure that is seen in the image, although we have to confess that it is extremely strange and curious we can not affirm that it is one of the anomalous entities that have been reported in countless occasions all around Puerto Rico and around the world.

We compare it to all breeds of dogs registered in the AKC and what you see in the picture does not match any of them. Neither can we identify with any other known animal.

If someone has more information on this subject, please contact me to my Facebook mailbox (JosePerez@Facebook.com_

Also if you want to comment on it, your comments are welcome.