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Argentina: The Hernandarias Event - UFO Teleportation or Abduction?

Source: Planeta UFO and CN Digital
Date: 05.24.2017

Argentina: The Hernandarias Event - UFO Teleportation or Abduction?
By Gustavo Fernández

Last Monday night, a 13-year-old was somewhere in his home. He suddenly vanished when his father went after him. As hours elapsed, he was found elsewhere, a kilometer and a half away from his house. This paranormal event is currently under investigation.

The incident occurred on Monday, 22 May, around 22:30 hours in the small and pleasant town of Hernandarias, Province of Entre Rios, Argentina. The situation: a family gathered together for dinner. A 13-year-old had been sent to another part of the property to fetch certain elements. An adult gave him a hand in opening a door that presented certain difficulties and was in fact stuck, causing the boy to be delayed. The man struggled with the stuck door for two or three minutes, and upon turning around to look, he noticed that the teen was no longer there. Supposing he'd returned to the rest of the family, the man did the same. Confusion reigned: no one had seen the boy.

Concerned, they took to the street as a group to find him, something that took them less than ten minutes when a cellphone rang. It was the teenager, saying he had no idea how he suddenly found himself at a "taxi stand". He described the location. Meanwhile, the police - which had already been alerted - identified the location and went to collect him. The youth did not understand what had happened. All he knows is that he was standing behind he was "blinded by a powerful light" and heard "a snapping noise", finding himself next at the place where he was ultimately found.

The event occurred over a course of hours. The first theory set in motion by those who believed his story (it is best to say nothing about those who could only proffer insults and verbal aggression toward the family, finding it humorous, without stopping to think about the negative effect it could have) is that it was a "UFO kidnapping", a phenomenon known as "abduction". In our personal chaos, as members of the local organizations known as the Instituto Planificador de ENcuentros Cercanos (IPEC) and Club del OVNI, we took measures aimed at gathering more information and investigating the case. At this very moment, our correspondent Emanuel Giudice is gathering elements aimed at interviewing the family in an earnest and respectful manner, as they are averse to becoming immersed in scandal. We also know that the teenager's father wanted to say nothing about the events, but the fact that the boy was taken for questioning by either police authorities or medical personal, has already leaked out.

We know the youth is terrified by the event.

This then is the description of the facts - accepting its likelihood, ratified by Diego Wasinger, the local police chief - allows us to suppose the existence of another phenomenon, a parapsychological one with considerable background: teleportation. This is the name given to a spectacular but documented phenomenon consisting in the dematerialization of a person from a given location and their reappearance at another. Why speculate about an intervention by alien craft? This would be so if the protagonist had described having been taken into a spacecraft, or if other witnesses had seen this. But here, the youth only sees "a light" and this does not suffice to tag it as a UFO.

In fact, as I often say: we say a shining light behaving abnormally in the sky and we say: "Oh! a UFO!". We see a bright light behaving strangely at a graveyard and we say: "Oh! It's a ghost!". The only certainty in both cases is that we have seen a light behaving oddly. The "explanation" is simply our own speculation.

In this case, the youth saw a light. I repeat: The youth claims having seen a light, not the adult who accompanied him. Had there been a "craft" in the area, the light would have been seen by both. But no. This claim is made only by the protagonist of the incident.

What is teleportation? How does it come about? There are two theories. One of them invokes the customary time-space anomalies of the universe that surrounds and states that "vortexes" or "portals" open at random through which a person may inadvertently step through, appearing elsewhere...or elsewhen. History is full of examples. People entering a "fairy ring" in the forest and return to their village only to find thirty or forty years have elapsed. Drivers entering a "cloud bank" only to reappear in another country. We have a wealth of examples.

In this event, the expert report concluded that the teen is in perfect health. In abduction incidents - with very few exceptions, there are signs of physical intrusion: puncture marks, bruises, dilation of the body's natural orifices. Furthermore, we know nothing about the time elapsed between disappearance and appearance, but this is argument is not enough to suppose an abduction.

To the extent that our correspondent in Hernandaria's efforts yield results (I fear that the family's true stress will begin now, and our recommendation is to allow the case to "cool off" for a while, perhaps leaving the community for a few weeks if possible) we propose the following steps: hypnotic regression on the subject. In he describes an abduction experience in this state, we must then reassess our opinion. Until then, we strongly suspect the extemporaneous and involuntary occurrence of a teleportation.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Gustavo Fernández]