Friday, May 05, 2017

Argentina: UFO Over Merlo

Source: Planeta UFO and El Corredor (Argentina)
Date: 05.04.2017

Argentina: UFO Over Merlo

The San Luis Planetarium reported that a tourist from Mendoza who pays frequent visits to Villa de Merlo, presented this unknown image for identification upon becoming aware of research on unidentified flying objects in the Sierras Comechingones region.

On the evening of Wednesday, April 3 (2017), Romelí Rodriguez, a native of Mendoza, phoned the staff of the San Luis Planetarium to make known the photo of a lovely sunset in Valle de Conlara that was made unusual by the strange object hanging in the sky on the upper right hand corner of the image.

According to the tourist, she was on her way to Pasos Malos in the company of Hugo Rodriguez, who currently lives in Piedra Blanca. After spending a while in the area of the stream where the paved road ends, they began their descent on foot, taking several photos of the sunset in Valle del Conlara. The next day, upon looking at the images on a large TV set, they were startled to see an unexplained object in the sky.

Romelí also told planetarium staff that Hugo Rodriguez had been able to witness, on an earlier occasion and from a residence in Villa de Merlo, the zig-zagging motion of a light in the skies that he and the other witnesses present are still unable to explain.

Julian Akira - a member of the planetarium staff - advised those who may be in possession of photos or images of unidentified object seen in the region to submit their material for research purposes by experts. Contact information appears at

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]