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UFOs in Andalucia: Lights, Vessels and Humanoids Since the Spanish Civil War

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario ABC Andalucia
Date: 05/20/2017
Article by Leo Rama Granada

UFOs in Andalucia: Lights, Vessels and Humanoids Since the Spanish Civil War

It would seem that UFOs are a forgotten subject, stunted in the 20th century, buried by its own controversial and absurd narrative. Despite the disbelief it continues to produce, it is also true that the UFO phenomenon remains alive and is real, at least to thousands of witnesses of the unexplained, ranging from uneducated peasants to airline pilots with thousands of hours of flying time, rank and much prestige to lose, whose stories in the few existing unclassified reports are of extraordinary value. The phenomenon's nature is an entirely different thing, and cannot be reduced to a single source: outbreaks of schizophrenia? weather phenomena? military maneuvers? Or could aliens be behind it all.

It's a likelihood. More than a few scientists consider the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) to be a valid one based on their latest research, as Jose Manuel Nieves has been telling us in the most empirical pages of this newspaper. It was precisely Diario ABC de Sevilla that decided to publish a series of UFO sightings a few decades ago. Those stories told by Manuel Ramirez, preserved in the ever-helpful newspaper library, have provided the inspiration for the recently published book Ovnis en Andalucia by José Manuel García Bautista, the journalist from Seville.

A hundred of these cases, arranged by chronological order, comprise Garcia Bautista's research. He is convinced that there is life out there, that we have always been visited, even though some of the artifacts may prove to be terrestrial. "The universe is so large that it is hard not to imagine that some distant star has planets with life on them," says the enthusiastic researcher from Seville, trying to lend dignity to the the scorned subject of UFOs, as if the eyewitness accounts of those who sincerely discuss what they saw had no value whatsoever.

Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War

Although the UFO phenomenon as such did not emerge until 1947 in the United States, it is possible to find stories in Spain that describe strange lights in the southern skies since Medieval times. But it is necessary to go back to the Spanish Civil War to find the first reliable accounts of UFOs over Andalucia.

It occurred at the front, and this is what Diario ABC had to say about it: "The sun was already out that morning of 5 February 1938 as the soldiers defending the position at Peñón de la Mata (north of the province of Granada) endured the cold as best they could while keeping a watch over their position. The sky was completely clear and our witness - a fighter with the 76th Brigade - soon noticed something odd in the heavens.

The soldier defined it as something resembling "a Mexican hat" in the distance, flat aluminum in color. The slow-flying metal artifact placed itself over the witness, who was able to see the craft's underside, resembling "a cartwheel" with a lens similar to a camera at its core, giving a sense of depth." It rotated counterclockwise and vanished from the field of vision of the troops without further incident.

Dionisio, The Entities and The Star

One of the best-known cases involves the first-person experience of Dionisio Avila, an elderly and respected resident of Los Villares in Jaen. It was 1996 and Dionisio was walking his dog through the endless olive groves when a shining device appeared before him. After surveying their device, two slender beings, clad in tight-fitting silver suits, tossed him what he described as a star. As he picked it up, it proved to be a spherical stone. "It summarizes the entire absurd nature of the UFO phenomenon," writes García Bautista.

The nut-sized stone bore a curious inscription, similar to the symbols appearing in on the craft: IOI - the famous "stick zero stick" that prompted pioneering UFO researcher Juan José Benítez to launch his investigation on "El anillo de plata" (The Silver Ring), presented on Spanish television's "Planeta Encantado" broadcast.

Dionisio never again made contact with the humanoids who, according to him, healed him of his maladies, as testified by the residents of his small municipality. Other witnesses fared less well in similar incidents, such as the attack experienced by a Seville resident on the cold night of 28 January 1976.

Once more, it was the Andalusian issue of the ABC newspaper - with the byline of Benigno Gonzalez - that collected the mind-bending account of Miguel Fernandez Carrasco, who was returning to Benacazón after having spent time with his girlfriend in Sanlucar la Mayor. Feeling blessed, he saw a pair of shooting stars as he returned home. Shortly after, a "flying telephone booth" shooting red and white lights landed before him. Two tall humanoids emerged. Fear gripped the witness, who broke into a frantic run down the train tracks.

The vehicle took off and chased the witnessed, terrified by the prospect of being hunted down before he could cover the 1.5 kilometers remaining before he could reach his home. He wasn't wrong. The device fired what Garcia Bautista defines as a nearly lethal "beam of light, a luminous weapon" at Miguel Fernandez. The man was badly injured on the ground, practically unconscious, "bereft of breath and strength, burned, singed and toasted" by something unknown to him.

Taken to the San Lázaro Hospital, the farmer gave his testimony and the 6th Court of Instruction in Seville initiated transactions to look into an alleged UFO attack on a human for the first time ever in Spain. The case was dismissed two weeks later due to inability to find a culprit for the crime reported by Fernandez Carrasco.

These are only some of the cases compiled by José Manuel García Bautista. Ovnis en Andalucía compiles many other stories regarding an apparently senseless phenomenon, one that has changed over the years: humanoids in Fuengirola, in Algeciras, the harrassing UFO of La Antilla, the one of Benaldmaádena, the one of Morón...even USOs - unidentified submarine objects - seen in the Bay of Cádiz!

"If we published all of the UFO incidents in Spain that resulted in intercept missions, we would be providing a sense of tremendous insecurity," a military friend told García Bautista. The military has much material to declassify, contained in boxes in damp basements, waiting to see the much needed light of day.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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