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Argentina: A New Cattle Mutilation in Concordia

Source: Planeta UFO and VISION OVNI and EL ONCE
Date: 06.01.2017

Argentina: A New Cattle Mutilation in Concordia
By Andrea Perez Simondini with thanks to Sebastian Balbi

El learned that a cattleman found one of his cows dead and showing signs of a mysterious mutilation. The animal displayed unusual incisions and some parts of the body were missing. The event caused amazement among the residents of Colonia Los Sauces, Department of Concordia. The cows displayed perfect, cauterized incisions on their heads and bodies, with their tongue and salivary glands extracted along with udders, rectum, part of the large intestine and reproductive tract.

The cattleman explained that the grass had become blackened at those sites where parts had been extracted.

Cattleman and owner Gustavo Rocka spoke to El regarding the experiences on his property, which he had been unable to access for several days due to the recent rains. "We found a dead animal and upon inspection, found it was missing its tongue and jaw, as well as the animal's rear and udders." He added that "all the grass was black around where the parts were removed."

Based on his experience, the livestock rancher noted the animal had been dead since Sunday. Despite the presence of vultures, these birds of prey "would not eat it." Rocka told El Once that his farm is some two thousand meters distant from a local road, thus dismissing the likelihood that other persons could have been involved, adding that "the rains made it impossible to reach the road."

The cattle rancher believes that the events on his field are related to the mysterious mutilations recorded in different areas of the province. "In have seen other cases in Nueva Escocia and in Puerto Yeruá, but I've never seen one so close and so fresh," adding: "We've taken photographs and informed Abigeato (the cattle rustling authorities) of the event."

"The incisions are very precise and I've never seen anything like it. They say it’s a mouse that eats those parts, but I've not seen it, and since there's mud, there are no prints suggesting it could be a mouse or any other animal," stressed the rancher from Colonia Los Sauces in the Department of Concorida, referring to the his cow, found dead with strange incisions. "I still wonder about what happened. I've witnessed other cases and now it was my turn, in my own field. I asked some cousins of mine who live nearby and they saw nothing. Furthermore, it's a clean field and no one could have entered it due to the weather conditions.

The rancher also discussed another mysterious situation surround this Tuesday's discovery. "This animal was in another field of mine, 700 meters distant from where we found it," Rocka informed El, clearly bemused by the strange event.

[NOTE: Due to the negative response by viewers to photos of mutilated animals, we are only providing a link to the photographs. They can be seen at]

Translation (c) 2017, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Andrea Perez Simondini